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3 ways the guardians of the Marvel Galaxy could be better than movies

A film (from the Latin polecula, diminutive of Pellis, Skin ) is a series of still images that, when projected in a screen consecutively in rapid succession, create the optical illusion of moving images. The term is normally used as a synonym of cinematographic work, [1], a history (fictional or documentary), registered in a support (flexible film or digital container) that is recorded and reads through a continuous or intermittent sequence mechanism of pictures. These cinematographic films also receive the name of film [2] or film, as well as the PELI shortening. The filming process. A movie can be created by photographing real scenes with a camera of moving images, photographing miniature drawings or models using traditional animation techniques, by means of computer generated or computer animation, or by a combination of some or all of these techniques and other visual effects. The films were originally recorded in a plastic film through a photochemical process and then showed through a movie projector on a large screen. Contemporary films are now often completely digital throughout the production, distribution and exhibition process. Films recorded photochemically traditionally included an analogous optical soundtrack (a graphic recording of spoken words, music and other sounds, which accompany the images and that go along a part of the movie reserved exclusively for it, which It is not projected). The individual images that make up a film are called frames. In the projection of traditional celluloid films, a rotary shutter causes intervals of darkness between each frame, which in turn is placed in position to project. The viewer does not notice the interruptions due to an effect known as persistence of vision, by which the eye retains a visual image during a fraction of a second after its source disappears. The perception of the movement is due to a psychological effect called PHI phenomenon. The name movie originates in the fact that the photographic film (also called film movie) has historically been the means to record and show moving images.

With the exit of Marvel s Guardians of the Eidos Montreal, the anticipation grows among the superheroes fans, as well as the doubt expressed by the skeptical players who were burned by games as avengers. I can not claim an encyclopedic understanding of the guardians rich history through decades of comics and multiple restarts, but until I play the new game, I was pretty sure that the two films of the Guardians accounted for the best possible actual action version of the team. But now, I wonder ... Square Enix game does it make better guards? Or three?

Watch Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Star Lord and Groot Make a way through the film is a fun Russian mountain, but in the end, it s a passive experience. On the other hand, the game allows the player to put himself instead of Peter Quill, as well as managing the capabilities of the team in combat, and even the simplest enemy meetings requires a good dose of work of Team and the intelligent use of the strengths of each. I know that some skeptics have been disappointed that the player assumes the role of Star-Lord, but the actual game experience is much more varied and inclusive, and the fight is an engaging explosion. Speaking of interactivity, verbal interaction, replicas and the general atmosphere of the guard team are much more nuanced and developed than in the films.

The most recent guardian incarnation appeared for the first time in the comics in 2008, and each of the teams had a resilience of solo stories, which gave rise to a fairly deep treasure of traditions. The 2014 film and its suite have naturally concentrated on a small part of the guardian universe, but on more than 20 hours of play, guardians of the galaxy not only makes a deep tribute to comics, but it also refers to Film costumes. , complete with designer / artist credits. In fact, there are dozens of costumes, drawn from decades of comics and movies, all credited. The dialogue and history of the game also focus on recalls and references in an encyclopedic way. Yes, this game is definitely its own point of view on the guards, but it is well aware of its sources.

In addition, the game draws enemies and allies comics (and the imagination of screenwriters) that have not been seen or referenced in the film to create a distribution of convincing but quite authentic characters. It is a well-written story that would not be moved in the books. And, speaking of history ...

I loved movies, but let s face it if you did not know comics, plot and references were an obscure and incomprehensible clutter of names and places, never stopping long enough to make sense for The uninitiated. On the other hand, the Guardians of the Galaxy game of Eidos takes its time to establish the characters and their relationships, and there is literally hours of background frame, richly written dialogs and building characters that simply can not occur in a real action movie. Although the structure of the game is linear, there are dozens of history points that can take slightly divergent paths according to the choice of the player,

Anyone who hopes digital copies of the film s distribution will be disappointed, but it would be preferred to the essential and not to appreciate the uniformly stellar work of the game distribution, as well as the vision of the design team. Guard. All the sarcasm and the humor of the film and comics are shown, as well as a good amount of emotional complexity. Perhaps my favorite superheroes, any movie or game must capture the family dynamics dysfunctional and conflicting group, and the game is absolutely nailed this aspect.

The superheroes had an uneven and incoherent relationship with video games, inspiring both amazing and disappointing products. The game should satisfy fast action fans in the third person as well as the guardians themselves, but consult our review and give your own opinion.

What is your favorite goaltender? What do you hope in the new game? Let us know below!

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