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Dead by Daylight Gives you 800,000 bloodpoints, starts Halloween

Dead by Daylight (DBD) is an Survival Horror, multiplayer video game, developed by Behavior Interactive and edited by Starbreeze Studios, released in 2016 on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Originally announced on Nintendo Switch for October 31, 2019, the release date was advanced on September 24, 2019. He then released IOS and Android on April 16, 2020 and finally on Stadia on September 1, 2020.

The Halloween Event The Midnight Grove in Dead by Daylight is started. There are many cool rewards and bloodpoints.

Only a few days ago, the patch 5.3.0 appeared in Dead by Daylight and brought the new surviving Mikaela Reid. Now the Halloween event is already active and brings new activities and replayable cosmetic items. We reveal what you need to know about the event.

What is this for an event? The Halloween event The Midnight Grove brings a number of innovations that benefit players and even have a small impact on the gameplay.

During the event, pumpkins can appear anywhere on the card (usually at the unused spawn points of the Totems), which can be destroyed by survivors and killers. The pumpkins provide additional bloodpoints when destroyed and sometimes a trick (a debuff) or a Treat (a strengthening buff).

So destroying a pumpkin for survivors can either trigger a small speed boost or slow down.

New Rift gets bonus progress: Almost simultaneously with the event, the new RIFT Crescendo - the RIFT is almost the Battle Pass by Dead by Daylight, which provides additional cosmetics. The focus is on the trickster and the survivors Yun-Jin Lee, which get some Cosmetics and a lot of story.

Especially cool: During the Halloween event there are bonus challenges, the new outfits for the Doctor and Mikaela Reid, the new survivors, grant - and completely free of charge. These bonus challenges also provide progress in the current Crescendo . So it s worth twice to take these bonuses.

Free bloodpoints for all: As with Dead By Daylight usual, there is again significantly more bloodpoints at the Halloween event. This is mainly due to the new offerings (pumpkin seeds), which can be found in most bloodnets. These transform some generators and hooks into event objects that provide additional points when using (repair or hang).

The event generators recognize you as a survivor that they decorate with a small pumpkin and are wrapped by tendrils. The event hooks are also decorated, but additionally give an orange aura instead of red aura for the killer.

In addition, there is alone for logging in during the events whopping 666,666 blood points. As a bonus, 200,000 bloodpoints are waiting again as a small compensation for some server problems in recent days. This makes it proud 866,666 blood points.

More about Dead by Daylight is here:

All killers in DBD and who is the best for you Dead by Daylight: A killer just wanted to reload, thus gaining the game The floor hatch (hatch) was massively generated

How long does the event go? The Halloween event in Dead by Daylight is running for 2 weeks, so until 4 November. Most rewards can be found within a few hours, although a part of it is only activated in the second half of the event (ie on October 28).

Incidentally, Dead by Daylight is drastically reduced on most platforms in the price. So if you want to recruit a few new friends, the scary season is the best time.

Look into the Halloween event from Dead By Daylight? Or does not the horror game are not at all?


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