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Pokemon Go does everything possible for Halloween

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POKEMON GO has announced its next great event, which will focus on Halloween and the spooky Pokémon. Pokemon Go revealed more details about your next two-part Halloween event, which will feature the debut of Phantump, Pumpkaboo and Galarian Slowking, as well as a new Pokémon disguised. Pokemon Go traditionally does everything possible for Halloween: Not only was Halloween the first time that Pokémon Go celebrated an event, the double advantages of the sweets and the use of Lavender Town theme song help players sit in the state Halloween s perfect mood.

This year s Halloween event will be divided into two different parts, with some advantages available throughout the event. Three new Pokémon disguised will make your debut during pokemon go - a new pikachu, plus piplup and drifblum - and will appear during the full event. POKEMON GO will also add two special research stories. The first is a continuation of the story of Season of Mischief (with two additional chapters that unlock over the course of the Halloween event), while the other is a new history centered on Yamask, a Pokémon that does not usually appear in nature In POKEMON GO. Pokemon Go is also adding Shiny Spinarak to the game for the first time.

The first part of pokemon go s The Halloween event, entitled Spooky Companions will focus on pokémon of poison type and psychic type. Players can evolve their Galaran Slowpoke to Galarian Slowking for the first time. Players will need to have a gallant Slowpoke as his friend and then capture thirty Pokémon of psychic type to unlock the evolution of Slowpoke in Galarian Slowking. Pokémon that appear in nature include Halloween Pikachu, Zubat, Gastly, Drowzee, Spinarak, Misdreavus, Shuppet, Halloween Piplup, Stunky, Woobat, Yamask and Gothita, while Galarian Slowpoke, Murkrow, Scraggy, Yamask, Espurr, Alolan Raichu, Sableye, Banette, and Halloween Driflbim will appear in the incursions. This part of the event will be developed from October 15 to 22.

The second part of pokemon go s The Halloween event, Ghoulish Pals, is carried out from October 22 to October 31. This part of the event will have the debut of Pumpkaboo and Phantump and their respective evolutions. As in the game of the main series, Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist will appear in four different sizes, and there will be a collection challenge to collect the four sizes during the week. Halloween Pikachu, Gastly, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Shuppet, Halloween Piplup, Purrloin, Phantump, Small Size Pumpkaboo, Average Size Pumpkaboo, Hunter, Yamask, Litwick, Large Size Pumpkaboo and Super Size Pumpkaboo will appear in nature, while Murkrow, Yamask, Galarian Yamask, Phantump, Pumpkaboo of average size, Alolan Marowak, Banette, Halloween Drifblim and Lampent will appear at incursions during this part of the event.

Finally, POKEMON GO will also house a weekend event of incursions on October 30 with an increase in raids of Mega Aba Abs and Darkrai.

Get ready to celebrate Halloween with pokemon go. The parties begin on October 15.


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