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Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: 2. Round in the DFB Cup now in the live ticker

In the 2nd round of the DFB Cup it comes today to the duel David against Goliath: Waldhof Mannheim welcomes Union Berlin. Here you can follow in the Liveticker the game.

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin - 1: 1



1: 0 Rossipal (4th), 1: 1 Behrens (18)

Installation Waldhof Mannheim

| Bartels - N. Sommer, M. Seegert, Rossipal, Donkor - Russo, Hoger - Costly, Lebeau, Cackler - Jurcher

Installation Union Berlin

| Rönnow - Jaeckel, Knoche, Baumgartl - Trimmel, Prömel, Oczipka - Haraguchi - Becker, Voglsammer (57th Khedira), Behrens

Yellow cards


Becker (41)

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Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: second round of the DFB Cup NOW LIVE Scores: 1 - 1

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: second round of the DFB Cup NOW LIVE Ticker - Currency Union

  1. First change at Union: Khedira comes for Voglsammer. Thus Union should change to a double peak.

  2. Trimmel served too close to the gate, Bartels is there.

  3. Versus, Oczipka gets left at the penalty area a free-kick out...

  4. Good scene of forest Höfer! Lebeau be right in the middle two (!) Berlin come to nothing, then puts the right into the box on Jurcher. The then heavy from an acute angle game Rönnow gets large, the forest Höfer puts the ball at the second post.

  5. The Unioner area is tight. As it tries Cackler by powerful shot from 20 meters - much about it.

Behrens scores first double! | Mannheim vs. Union Berlin 1-3 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal 2. Round 50. Union recognizes in the distance and where the ball is to clean. Baumgartl with the game shifting right to the goal to make Trimmel. Good ball, but Trimmel is a little too far forward. Offside.

  1. has awarded Mannheim. Donkor, the left winger and plays along in the middle, Lebeau puts the ball good twelve meters just to the left over.

  2. Excluding changes in personnel s going on.

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: second round of the DFB Cup NOW LIVE Scores - kick off the second half

halftime Conclusion: The half-time is the most spectacular thing about this game. Mannheim took an early lead, then sprayed while in places danger, but could not get the dreaded momentum cause. For that played Union clarified. The Berlin calmed the game came by Behrens for not undeserved equalizer. Let s see which way the pendulum in the second round deflects.

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: second round of the DFB Cup NOW LIVE Scores - half-time

  1. time is break. Waldhof 1, Union 1st

  2. The following corner brings no danger.

  3. of switching over to Union. From the center, the ball moves right with the intention to Becker, who immediately gets in a strike. But a central shot on goal, Bartels can not safely grab, defender Rossipal to the rescue and clears the ball to a corner kick.

  4. You can not say that the number is now lapping at the break. It splashes already longer.

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: second round of the DFB Cup NOW LIVE Scores - yellow card Becker

  1. Becker sees the first yellow card of the match for a tactical foul on Donkor.

  2. Union acts lazily in the game design, sometimes uninspired. Much ball attachments, hardly surprising.

  3. fouls in midfield. Game flow ade.

. 36 From the center line Höger suggests a high passing into the box, Jurcher found sandwiched between Knoche and Baumgartl again - and has no chance. Rönnow takes on the leather.

  1. Versus, Union gets left out a corner. Trimmel brings the leather in the middle, Waldhof defender Seegert heads into the air keeper Bartels is likely to play with it.

  2. free kick Waldhof, right half field. Cackler served Rönnow palms, Russo gets stuck with its funding.

  3. At the moment, a lot of plays in midfield. Union makes the game, but rare in the danger zone.

  4. A beautiful story that colleagues from the statistics cellar dug there. Comes to 1: 1 by Behrens. For the Berlin it is the second Cup goal of his career. The first recorded it in 2017 for 1. FC Saarbrücken - against Union.

  5. The next scene of the home team. The left s going forward, Costly dribbles to the baseline and plays sharply across goal. The ball reaches Cackler in the rear box half. Wants to give again to the center, but is a little too slow, but the shot goes again to a corner kick. Friends are no longer Cackler and this line.

  6. Waldhof looking for an answer. And they will not find for now. Schnatterers corner from the right is going to fly from the danger zone to a corner kick.

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: second round of the DFB Cup NOW LIVE Scores - Tor Union

18.: GOAL! Waldhof Mannheim - UNION BERLIN 1: 1. Union balances! Game shift to the right to Becker, who Donkor is allowed to stand, and crosses to the second post. There lays Voglsammer head off for Behrens, who enforced from five meters to the left corner. Bartels is powerless.

  1. time a good exchange of passes of Berlin. At the end Behrens crosses from the right into the box, but finds no takers from their own ranks. but was also a dirty edge, slipping him something about the slippers.

  2. Thus, the first 15 minutes are through. Early goal for Mannheim since Union has almost put down the game.

  3. Union first appears in the penalty box. Becker dribbles right into the box, cross in the middle, Voglsammer initially has problems with the leather but more spitzelt a station - and then Oczipka is boiled.

  4. We are experiencing the introductory phase. Also gives sense to the teams do not know each other from the league play. Granted, even as we learn at the start yet know...

  5. The Berlin are trying to come into play over possession. Mannheim attacked from the center line.

7 Before the game all Unioner so this will be a tough game - now it really is one..

  1. Have they abgeguckt at 1860. Early goal as a third division that has worked quite well yesterday.

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: second round of the DFB Cup NOW LIVE Scores - Tor Mannheim

4.: GOAL! WALDHOF MANNHEIM - Union Berlin 1: 0th Dream start for the underdog! A corner of the second ball lands right at Cackler, the sharp plays on the first post - and since Rossipal pushes the thing over the line !

. 2 Waldhof against Union in the cup - that exist today for the second time in the competition s history. The first meeting was in August 2003 on the stage, then, Union set in the Carl-Benz-Stadion with 4: 0 by.

1.: The ball rolls!

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: second round of the DFB Cup NOW LIVE Scores - kick-off

Before the start: There are not all viewers (sold out) Stadium, kick-off delay expected by ten minutes.

Before the start: referee the match Benjamin Brand is. A VAR there is not coming in the German Cup only from the second round are used.

Before the start: Breaking News : By press release was Waldhof Mannheim today that Jochen Kientz has been exempted as sports director. The reasons for the separation internally was not disclosed, they say.

Before the start: For Union Berlin there is a mandatory task. However, one of the more unpleasant variety. Coach Urs Fischer warned in advance before the forest Höfern that would have very deserving against Eintracht Frankfurt won and very good progress had. His team meet on an opponent who dispose a good compactness above. We will be watching.

Before the start: In the 3. Liga Waldhof is ranked fifth last one was clearly better against Zwickau, but had to settle for a 1: content first

Before the start: The coach of Kurpfälzer, Patrick Hunchback, took place in the run-up to big words: There is only one evening and only a moment in which you can do things that rarely occur in your life.

Before the start: Waldhof had to wait long for such an evening, it is the first second-round game since 2002/03. At that time, defeating the Bahlinger SC (2: 1) and separated in the second round against Bayer Leverkusen (1: 2).

Before the start: How to turn off a first division club, the forest Höfer know. They have the against Eintracht Frankfurt in the first round proved (2: 0).

Before the start: Here the biggest surprise of the evening is possible: Third division Waldhof Mannheim receives Bundesliga club Union Berlin - nowhere is the class difference is greater today.

Before the start: For the guests there are compared to the 1: 1 against Stuttgart four change: Play Rönnow, Oczipka, Voglsammer and Behrens instead of Luthe, Gießelmann, Awoniyi (all bank) and Khedira (groin).

Rönnow - Jaeckel, Knoche, Baumgartl - Trimmel, Prömel, Oczipka - Haraguchi - Becker, Voglsammer, Behrens

Before the start: Waldhof coach Patrick Hunchback relies on the same team as last in 1: 1 against Zwickau.

Bartels - N. Sommer, M. Seegert, Rossipal, Donkor - Russo, Hoger - Costly, Lebeau, Cackler - Jurcher

Before the start: In the first round threw third division Waldhof Mannheim Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt (2: 0) from the competition, should now with Union Berlin the next club must believe from the main floor of the German football it. The guys feel like we re hot on the game, said coach Patrick Hunchback before the cup duel before a packed house. Union coach Urs Fischer warned his players before today s opponents: It is up to us how the game is played on the back burner you win nothing nowadays..

Before starting: The 2nd round game will work at 18.30 in the Carl-Benz Stadium in Mannheim. 14,581 Spectators want to witness to the next Waldhof miracle.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the encounter in the DFB Cup between Waldhof Mannheim and Union Berlin.

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: 2nd round in the DFB Cup today in the Liveticker - official listings

Mannheim: Bartels - N. Summer, M. Seegert, Rossipal, Donkor - Russo, Höger - Costly, Lebeau, Schnatterer - Jurcher Union Berlin: RönNow - Ja Cover, Knoche, Baumgartl - Trimmel, Prömel, OCCIPKA - Haraguchi - Becker, Voglsammer, Behrens

Waldhof Mannheim vs. Union Berlin: 2. Round in the DFB Cup today live in the TV and Livestream

In order to live the game between Mannheim and Union live, your access to the offer of SKY needs. The pay-TV transmitter transfers the game exclusively on TV on SKY Sport 6 HD (conference on Sky Sport 2 HD) and in the live stream.

The Livestream can track SKY customers via the SKYGO App, all others with a paid SKYTICKET.

Track this game LIVE: Buy the SkyTicket now.

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DFB Cup: The 2nd round at a glance

Date | Time | Home | Result | Abroad --- | --- | --- | --- |- Tuesday, October 26 | 18.30 Prussia Münster | 1: 3 | Hertha BSC Tuesday, October 26 | 18.30 SV Babelsberg 03 | 0: 1 | RB Leipzig Tuesday, October 26 | 18.30 1860 Munich | 1: 0 | Schalke 04 Tuesday, October 26 | 18.30 TSG Hoffenheim | 5: 1 | Holstein Kiel Tuesday, October 26 | 20.00 pm | Borussia Dortmund | 2: 0 | FC Ingolstadt Tuesday, October 26 | 20.45 VFL Osnabrück | 2: 3 I.E. | Sc freiburg Tuesday, October 26 | 20.45 1. FC Nuremberg | 2: 4 I.e. | Hamburger SV Tuesday, October 26 | 20.45 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 3: 2 N.V. | Arminia Bielefeld Wednesday, October 27 | 18.30 | Waldhof Mannheim | -: - | Union Berlin Wednesday, October 27 | 18.30 VfL Bochum | -: - | FC Augsburg Wednesday, October 27 | 18.30 Dynamo Dresden | -: - | FC St. Pauli Wednesday, October 27 | 18.30 Bayer Leverkusen | -: - | Karlsruher SC Wednesday, October 27 | 20.45 Hannover 96 | -: - | Fortuna Dusseldorf Wednesday, October 27 | 20.45 Borussia Mönchengladbach | -: - | Bayern Munich Wednesday, October 27 | 20.45 SSV Jahn Regensburg | -: - | Hansa Rostock Wednesday, October 27 | 20.45 VfB Stuttgart | -: - | 1. FC Cologne


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