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Xbox takes chest with infinite halo and its last gameplay: a comparison with the most criticized version

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Of course, there is no doubt that Halo Infinite is giving us a roller coaster of emotions. His announcement excited all the fans of the master chief, but his first gameplay in 2020 generated a great avalanche of criticism due to his bad graphics and unseen textures. For this reason, 343 Industries has put down to work and has presented us a new version of the trailer, but this time much more polished .

We have not taken users to leave users comparing both versions of the gameplay As expected, many users have focused on the graphics of this last Gameplay, which has derived a general consensus that the developer study It has definitely improved the game . And, for those who are not convinced of this advance, users have already appeared on Twitter for Compare both versions , as you can see in the publication you have below.

So it seems, 343 Industries has not fallen asleep in the Laureles with the development of Halo Infinite, so the community is increasingly impatient for its arrival in Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC on the day December 8 . Since, with such a remarkable graphic leap, ancient detractors of the game begin to see some hope in Halo Infinite, not to mention the most stormed fans of the franchise.

Therefore, this roller coaster is coming to an end. An attraction that has left us terrifying moments, as it happened with its delay, but it has gone improving its tour with the novelties of its competitive or its features on PC. So, with just over a month for its launch, the master chief is already preparing for one of the most epic adventures of his saga.


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