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All-Out Warfare has formed a Battlefield 2042 preceding event repo that formed the chaotic battlefield ! New map features are also introduced

X-COM: Email Games became part of a collection of reduced budget computer game released in 1999 by Hasbro Interactive for Windows that was based exclusively on the video game by mail.

The latest series of series scheduled to be released from November 19 (Fri) 2021 (Battlefield 2042). Preceding access is started from November 12th. This editorial department participated in the preceding review event of this work for 3 days from November 8 to 10 days. As we received the opportunity to play the book of expectations a little earlier, we will introduce the characteristics of the map other than orbital that I played and found, and the impressions of actually playing, and the factors of the product version.

※ The image quality setting is high with the content of the PC version containing the day 1 patch this time.


Discard characteristic of a giant ship that lives in a dose and rose land is a stage of Alan in India. Alan is famous as a marine dismantling field, even in reality, and is known as a so-called graveyard.

Characteristic of very broad area under the map. Many vehicles were active in review events.

This is a view of the D direction from the top of E1. I think that the map structure can understand. As you can see, there is a low shield between A-D-D-E.

This landscape with B1 from B1. I want you to pay attention to B2, it is displayed as 210 meters. By the way, about 600 meters between A-D and D-E E.

I think that it can be seen that it is very wide considering that the distance between each base in Metro in BF4 was about 100 meters.

There were also obstacles and shields in the base.

Vehicles such as Big Street are available between each base, and the tank and armored cars were moving with the piston that repeated advance and retracting, and could not counter the infantry. This work has three launcher bullets, and there are only one gadgets, so infantry s against the infantry is extremely low compared to past work. The overtly capacity of the vehicle itself is also rising, and it may be considered.

There was also a zip line that can be shortcut above.

Hour glass

Hour glass based on the city buried in the sand is the stage of Qatar s capital Data.

Map It is characterized by the area where the building is densely populated on the left and right.

Although the central map has obstacles near the base, there were no blocks other than the desert slope. Photos are armored vehicles, but five occupants can use automotive weapons. It would be nice if you could feel the height of the combat power without a blind spot for infantry.

This is B1 base. Although the fastball swallowed in the desert is characteristic, it was important to cooperate with the vehicle because the shield was low. In addition, the aviation force was fascinated in this map.

This is an area. The three focused bases are characterized. In addition, this map has changed the weather throughout the time. There is no change in map structure.

A1 area. This also had few shields, and it was a base where you could not but have to be pressed.

This is A3 base. It has a hierarchical structure on the stairs. Unfortunately, it was unknown what fighting to encounter an enemy.


Singapore is a manifest on the stage of the Gulf of Brain Island, characterized by container areas, ships and cranes. It will be the only night map, but it was so dark atmosphere, and it could be played so much as well as other maps.

The review event could only play this map in Breakthrough.

This is A1 area

A2 Outside the area. The battle was over with this phase, so I could not confirm an area other than a.

This map is a container in a shield, but the movement of the vehicle is also valid because there is a road network that is likely to be as good.


Renewal based on Egyptian Agricultural Technology Center is an interesting map of agricultural areas and desert contrast. The first information was the name BORDERLINE, but it seems to have been changed.

This map could only experience Breakthrough as manifest.

Because this map is also large and flat, the vehicle is a map that is easy to move. Basically, Battlefield 2042 seems to be a work where the vehicle is particularly important in the numbers of numbers.

In this map, I also steered the armored car, but if three tallest and one spotter than 3 people operate and one spotter, it is possible to combat all surroundings. Launcher s damage is 20 and relatively high, but it is easy to find out because it is no guidance. In addition, since the automatic repair starting in about 16 seconds is excellent, it was possible to return to the front, as soon as it can be dropped even if it becomes died. It is about 40 seconds to recover from the rest of the remaining endurance 2 to 50, and the durability will continue to increase automatically.

In the preview event, it was a threat to hand over the war carefully. As mentioned earlier, it is also likely that the infantry s vs. vehicle capabilities are extremely low compared to past works.


The Kaleidoscope, which is set in the urban areas of Korea, is a map that can enter in multiple buildings in addition to the canal that can go back and forth.

It is characteristic that it is separated as a base on the building.

D1 is located at the bottom of the building, and the building is separated by the stairs in the building. It is also characteristic that there is a wide pilot outside the building.

The E area is a terrain where the base is pointed to a flat square. It was difficult to regulate if there is no shield and once it was controlled once.

F base is directed by elevator. However, in the author s environment, the elevator did not move well.

The B area is also close to the E area, and is a terrain that is pointed to a flat square. In these circumstances, the vehicle is still waving.

An area is located in each building of the building and each of the roof.

Element of the product version

Weapon Customization

In the beta version, I could not try the weapon customization on the dispatch screen, but it was possible for preview events.

Weapon Custom is a method to allocate attachments in advance to slots. This attachment can be selected and then dispatched and then converted to the battlefield as well as the beta.

The weapon species is 19 main Weapons, 22 types of surgeon. Although the size of the magazine and the barrel change in the attachment, the difference is small.

Player card

I also confirmed the registration of the player card. It is the form that creates a player card by selecting a pre-prepared image or badge.

The image of the card also comes with a sentence representing a view of the world.

Well, until here the map and the product version have been telling the customization factor. Although it is a main work of expectation, All-out Warfare that can play a cone / breakthrough is from the traditional work, such as a vast map, the loss of the weapon, the number of weapon species, and the number of possession gadgets is one. Big and core systems have been changed.

It is also a point that it is aware that it is aware of the weapon balance in the hazard zone that is often moved by the vehicle, and it is also aware that the induction type ground gadgets that were conventionally occurring are gone, and the distance between the bases is left, Because there are many flat open places, it is also worried that it is difficult to take it once.

Main content felt that the main content was transitioned to Hazard Zone because it is not created for ALL-OUT Warfare, because it is not created for ALL-Out Warfare.

Conquest is many bases, and the number of players is likely to be distributed because it is large, and in Breakthrough, a soldier is not formed with AI, including AI, so the war line is not formed, and the enemy is insane. There were many mixed chaos situations. Detailed places will be given to the analytics of the scheduled publication, but it is very critical for the environment of All-Out Warfare. I think it is very interesting what reaction is actually released and players are familiar with this environment.

As you can see if you look at this play report, Portal is likely to be a base for BF fans from the past. Please experience it by yourself by all means.

Battlefield 2042 fighting up to 128 people will be released on November 19 for Windows (Steam / Epic Games Store / Origin) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One. Product Gold and Ultimate Edition, or EA PLAY PRO subscriber available to unlimited from November 12, 1 week earlier. Xbox Game Pass for PC / Ultimate / EA PLAY The subscriber is also possible to play a leading 10 hours from the 12th.

BATTLEFIELD 2042 [Book privilege] ¥7,118



BATTLEFIELD 2042 [Book privilege] ~ ~ ¥9,700 ~ → ¥7,936




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