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Atsuma Animal Mori The super rare island also appears in the boat tour of the squeeze! I tried to investigate what to get

Notable attention! This article contains the survey results (spoilers) about the boat tour of His Board His Animal Forest. Please be careful.

At sushi Animal Forest In Very 2.0.0 Pipe boat tour has been added. In this tour, There is a chance to obtain rare items that can not be obtained normally.

However, since there is a limit once a day, it is honest that you can not know what to get. What kind of thing was prepared, so please refer to if you are interested.

◆ seasonal island

There is a case that comes to special time island (currently different seasonal island) on the Peel Boat Tour. I was able to confirm the summer and autumn island, but it seems that there are other seasons.

For example, in the case of autumn, you can get seasonal items such as Acorn and Meiji s Beautiful, so you may be glad to the people you missed.

◆ Vegetable island

At potatoes, there is also one of the types of vegetables such as tomato, wheat, and Touring. Here, various vegetables can be harvested, and it is also nice to be able to get seedlings.

Vegetables are picked out and dig their seedlings with a scoop. It will be a small amount when you take home.

◆ Gold wooden island

At first glance, even on the island without strangeness, If all the trees are trees of all gold,. There is also such an island in the large sea.

◆ heavy rain island

The island itself is normal, but The place where the weather is heavy rain. It may be perfect for those who want to fish sealachans.

◆ New Item Island

Although it is quite rare, there is also an island that can obtain a lot of new items. Here you can get it to Truth, Hilario, and even new shrubs Sumeria.

2.0 Update! Kapp'n's Boat Tours! Brewster! - Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Gameplay Part 120

In addition to the sandy beach, it is a quite rare place that palm trees grow. Memorial shooting seems to be progressing.

◆ Flow of flow

And it seems to be the rarest Flow star island. Here, the meteor shower is always falling, and the sandy beach has a lot of fragments.

There is also a pleasure surprise that various fragments can be obtained by hitting the rock in addition! When I pray for a lot, it is advantageous because it comes to my own island.

◆ Save to search even with a loss!

Other than this There is a lot of misses Hare island, but it is okay if it comes out. There is always a bottle mail because the bottle mail is always falling, and there may be no one if it is buried.

Anyway, there is only 1000 miles, and the boat tour of the Pipe is a lot of reasilleen reasons. Let s check every day.


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