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Battlefield 2042: Update 2 today for download, patch notes with the changes

Dice today releases the update 2 for Battlefield 2042 as a download. In a current blog entry, the developers go to the patch notes — and thus to the individual changes and innovations. The foreground of the update is therefore Balancing adjustments for weapons as well as vehicles and corrections for bugs that have occurred in the Early-Access week of the ego shooter. For example, the makers have made changes to vehicles NCAA Hovercraft, MD540 Night bird, KA-520 Super Hokum and AH-64GX Apache to adapt them to the values ​​of other vehicles.

At MD540 Night bird, for example, the 20 mm guns are optimized: DICE, among other things, reduces the damage radius of the projectiles. The same is also valid for the AH-64GX Apache War chief and Ka-520 Super Hokum. In addition, the total damage to the Minimum is reduced for all ground vehicles. For SMG PP-29, the developers increase the vertical recoil to ensure that the weapon outside the intended fight area is not too strong.

Furthermore, the ball scattering of all weapons (except shotguns) is lowered, which will eventually lead to better accuracy in the gameplay. At Battlefield Portal in turn, UAV-1 returns. We have integrated the full patch notes below. A concrete start time of the activation did not share Dice. Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now €54,99 / €53.99) is available on PC and consoles in stores.

Battlefield 2042 — Patch Notes for Update 2

Bullet Spread Has Been Reduced on All Weapons Except Shotguns. This Should Result in Better Accuracy During Gameplay Increased PP-29 Vertical Recoil to Ensure That The Weapon Does Not Over perform When Engaging Outside Its Intended Combat Range

Resolved at issue where players Who Were Killed Close to Obstacles Such As Walls Or Water Were Unable to be revived RESOLVED INSTANCES WHERE PLAYERS Were Stuck in A Downed State and Unable To Respawn. So Introduced A Hidden Timer That Will Activate After 30 Seconds Of Being In A Downed State That Will Force A Deploy Should It Be Required MD540 Night bird Mounted 20 mm Cannons — We Are Reducing The Radius At Which Bullets do Damage Upon Impact, And Decreasing Their Splash Damage Reduced Blast Radius Size from 3 to 2 Reduced inner blast radius damage from 1.5 to 0.75 Ka-520 Super Hokum — 30 mm Cannon (Side Mount) — We Are Reducing Overall Damage and Range at While Bullets Do Full Damage, While Increasing the Overall Bullet Spread Reduced blast radius from 2 to 1.6 Reduced blast damage from 20 to 14

Reduced Bullet Damage Before Damage Case Off Starts 18 to 15 Reduced damage case off distance from 200 to 180 Reduced bullet damage at max fall off distance from 8 to 6 Increased Bullet Range and Spread AH-64GX Apache War chief and Ka-520 Super Hokum — 30 mm Cannon — We Are Reducing the Radius at Which Bullets do Damage Upon Impact, And Decreasing their Splash Damage Reduced blast damage from 20 to 18 Increased the damage case off for enemies that are further away from the bullet impact center We reduced the overall damage to the minigun for all country vehicles, Alongside Bullet Damage Drop Off Now Starting Earlier Reduced bullet damage before damage case off starts from 18 to 13 Reduced damage case off distance from 60 to 40 Reduced bullet damage at max fall off distance to 6

Battlefield 2042 Multiplayer Livestream! - NEW UPDATE! (Patch Notes)

Equipped Armor Type for the NCAA Hovercraft Has Been Adjusted Which Increases Its Vulnerability Against Different Weapon Types Battlefield Portal — UAV-1 The UAV-1 Has Been Re-Enabled Within Battlefield Portal Greatly reduced health regeneration delay and speed Increased Missile Damage Against Vehicles and Infantry The Drone Is Now Able to Roadkill Enemies

Breakthrough Matches Will Now Correctly End After The Last Sector Has Been Captured Resolved at Issue That Caused Players Queued For A Match in Battlefield Portal to Be Sent Back to the Menu, Instead of Joining the Match When A Slot Became Available Made General Improvements to Stability To Prevent Rare Occurrences of Game Crashing

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