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List of levels of Darkest Dungeon 2: The best characters for your team

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The darker dungeon 2 currently has nine characters available. At a glance, you will notice that each hero is unique, which means that you can not have four of the same class. Fortunately, certain heroes can potentially trivialize the challenges you will face. Here is our The darker dungeon 2 List of levels to help you with the best characters for your group.

Explaining our list of Darkest Dungeon 2 levels and the best characters classifications

The darker dungeon 2 is still in advance access and only the first act is available. As such, the viability, the use of skills and the goal can change in the future. However, it is worth mentioning that the current stage involves prioritizing stress cures, positioning / mobility, blows on the bottom line and time damage (DOT) as a plague, burn and bleeding.

Stress cure are ideal due to the affinity system (ie, character relations / disputes). We often need to manage stress and affinity to ensure that our squadron is in good condition, as well as to obtain procs that are useful in battles.

It also tends to prioritize positioning and mobility, since the characters have skills that can only be launched depending on their ranges (that is, where they are in the row of your group). Speaking of positioning, being able to hit the bottom line of the enemies is great. In many meetings, the rearguard has dangerous enemies that must be eliminated quickly.

Finally, it is important to have skills that cause harm, bleeding and burns. You need skills that can reliably reduce the health of your goals in each round, and AOE / multiple objective skills are a blessing. In addition, battles on the road (ie, hit obstacles with diligence) have a limit of five rounds, which makes the effects dot necessary.

Level characters S + | The darker dungeon 2

Paracelso the plague doctor

Dr. Plaga leads the group without a single rival approached. In fact, we can safely say that the doctor plague is singularly the best character in the darker dungeon 2. A skill, in particular, surpasses all others: prevention ounce. This should be the first ability to update with a mastery point, since a single use provides all resistances to all state effects and reduces its stress pips. The plague doctor trivializes the mechanics of stress and affinity in the game early to the point where you will barely have worries.

To complete the rest of your team, Dr. Plaga has:

Battlefield Medicine: A healing of a single goal that eliminates the effects of the DOT. Indiscriminate science: a potentially massive healing of a single goal that is based on the number of positive and negative chips that your teammate has. Blind gas: a reliable disadvantage that makes two enemies of the bottom line be blind. Plague Granada: Apply Plague / Poison to two enemies of the bottom line. Magnesium Rain: A spell hitting all enemies, eliminates all corpses and applies the burn dot. You can also use this to eliminate the enemy tabs at one time.

level characters | The darker dungeon 2

Dismas the bandit

The highwayman, forceful and effective on all scenarios, is another first-level choice for your team in the darker 2 dungeon. This is mainly due to a species of rotation of bread and butter:

Advance of the Duelist: You will want the Highwayman to start the standing battles anywhere except on the front line (that is, in the fourth position from the left). This moves him forward, damages an enemy and gives him an answer. You can counteract a couple of attacks on it. Shot to burning: If you are already at the forefront, shoot the enemy with this attack that inflicts decent damage. He will even apply a combined token. Grapeshot Blast: The previous ability makes you back, so you can use this to hit two enemies on the first line. If you already have a combo tab (that is, shot to mouthboard), you also get a response.

You will have response tricks that can continue to damage the enemies in case the Highwayman is beaten, which makes it an excellent choice to tear down enemies even when it is his turn. In addition, you have ingenious options like:

Take Aim - eliminates blind; Add dodging chips and criticize. Double touch: Greater damage if the goal has little health. Pistol shooting: reliably trigger the enemies of the rearguard.

barristan the man of arms

If the doctor had a gram of pest prevention, then the man has weapons reinforcement. Version gives improved lock (75% reduction in damage to the next attack), eliminates vulnerability and horror, and has a 50% chance to reduce stress on one point. Oh, and also it affects the whole group.

Then there is the remuneration, an ability that grants self-cast block, mockery and response. Basically, man arms incite the enemy to attack him. Damage the hits are then reduced with a counter. Retribution does not even have a cooldown or a load limit, so you can continue to use it when necessary.

Attracts enemies to strike a man arms before slapping them in the face.

Baldwin the Leper

Man arms is already a tank character, but you can also make the leper form team. This hero has amazing skills that increase survivability:

Resistance: the leper block grants, ridicule and resistance to bleeding, destroy and burn. Solemnity: a cure of stress and self-released HP. Reflection: a cure stress one goal that can be used on a friendly target.

In short, the leper is almost impossible to kill in the right hands. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that the leper often suffers from blind chips, making it unreliable to hit enemies all the time.

Full Hero Tier List: Darkest Dungeon If you have him and man arms in the same squad, both may scoff because of resistance to damage. The leper has better survival skills and the military man has counterattacks.

Now, at this point, you can consider these four heroes as the best characters 2 The darkest dungeon. Chances are you progress further with them in a single group, making sure to unlock more skills along the way. Of course, there are still some characters, so let s look at the rest of the package.

characters level A | The darker dungeon 2

Boudica the Hellion

Let s get this out of the way: the Hellion is almost useless when you are just starting. She even worse if you keep using skills that take your breath away (less damage while you have this file).

So why we consider it a great character to have in your darkest dungeon 2 The party?? Well, it s because eventually get skills that will allow you to micromanage and make it more effective in battle:

Thirst - Clarification breath; all your attacks inflict more damage to bleeding targets. Adrenaline rush: when thrown cure, cure when it attacks, eliminates the effects of DOT and eliminates breath. Revelry strident priest removes horror, eliminates three pips stress (stress and PIPs to other colleagues once improved equipment). It is another variant of the cure stress for the whole team who have the man of arms and Plague Doctor.

Combine this with two offensive abilities that cause bleeding (a useful effect DOT) and obtain an absolute power. Essentially, Hellion has the potential to be the stronger fighter first line of the game.

Sarmenti the jester

The jester 2 The darkest dungeon is an expert in functions, thanks to the skills that support / utility, combined configurations, handling / repositioning and DPS / damage over time: Harvest: hits two enemies in the middle and applies the effect of bleeding; opportunity to apply a combo tab.

Razor s Wit and Fade to Black: single-target attacks reliably applying a chip combo. The Jester also dances around the row of your team, driving the characters forward or backward in case you need to rearrange them. In addition, Battle Ballad is a separate skill that just makes the characters move, but it can seem like a waste of space. Final: A brutal strike that deals 100% damage if the target has a combo tab. This is a nuclear bomb for which you want to prepare. Of course, it gives the vulnerable and confused buffoon, but those can be cleaned. Encore: an extremely useful skill that gives a teammate further action. Take an extra turn could generate healing, damage and preparations. Echoing March: you can push enemies back line forward in case your melee fighters need to shoot them down. Melody inspiring: horror eliminates stress and three pips. Unfortunately, it requires that the target already has more than five pips stress beforehand. It is unlikely to ever be used if you have the Plague Doctor, Armsman or Hellion in your squad.

Characters Level B | The darker dungeon 2

Audrey the grave robber

In terms of mid-range offensive, the Highwayman is often a better choice than grave Robber. But he is still viable thanks to his versatile Kit of Skills:

Poisonous Dart: In most situations, Paracelso pest pomegranate would be fine, as you can hit two enemies from the bottom line at the same time. But, Audrey s poisonous dart offers more flexibility, since you can point to any enemy and apply the state of plague. Pirouette and Flashing Daggers: Both skills hit two enemies at a time. ABSINTHE AND DEAD OF NIGHT: The first gives Audrey Healing, Dodge and Speed. The latter cleaned a corpse and gives Audrey HP and a stealth file. These two movements tend to make the thief tombs almost impossible to kill.

The disadvantage of grave Robber is that he is relatively weak at the beginning of the game. Poison Dart, as well as skills like Pick to The Face and Thrown Dagger, can be enhanced with a combo chip settings and configurations. However, you would need to trust someone like a buffoon for that. Finally, its other skills that focus on stealth are not particularly useful in the long term, since you must spend additional shifts to configure them correctly.

Bonnie the fugitive

So far, Runaway is the only new character in Darkest Dungeon 2. He is decent, but do not expect him to take your team to victory all the time. The main role of him in the group of him is to apply the dot burned in hostile:

Scorching, firefly and dragonfly: These skills reliably inflict the burn state to enemies. Ransack: attracts an enemy; Burn an adjacent monster if your main goal has a combo tab. Firestarter: A benefit that causes a burning application at the blow with attacks. Smoke curtain: adds combo chips, blind and vulnerable to a single goal. This is pretty good for configurations.

Most of the time, Dr. Plague and Hellion already have stations of damage and burns, so Runaway only adds the burn disadvantage to complement them. Even so, those two heroes have utility skills that make them more viable in all situations compared to the fugitive, which means it has dropped a little.

Level characters C | The darker dungeon 2

alhazred the occultist

The biggest problems at this time with the occult are that he unlocked quite late (profile range 16) and anything he can do, other characters can do better.

Can you heal? Yes, but other heroes already do it more efficiently. Even his own healing ability, Wyrd Construction, could also bleed to his friends. Can you add combined tokens? Yes, but the jester can do that, and the team is significantly better. Can you apply damage effects over time? Of course, but Dr. Plaga, Hellion and Runaway can also do that. Do you have skills for multiple objectives? Yes, Abisal Artillery and Anamnesis. The first can hit two opponents. Unfortunately, he only has a 25% chance of applying a combo tab and can only stun once he has twice power without control. The latter, meanwhile, hits all enemies and applies bleeding. However, it also requires double non-controlled power.

Perhaps the power mechanics without control is the key problem here. Several of the occult skills require twice power without control to free up the full potential of it. That means preparing in his first turns or be lucky with the chaotic offer. Because you are already trying to prepare your other characters, the occultist kit adds more complexity than it is worth.

The occultist likes to explore...


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