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The engineer in the IT industry clashes with Pokemon Unite ! e

Pokémon Unite Venusaur BEST Build! Is It Still OP????? (Venusaur Build Guide & Held Items) Los Angeles Cops Department (LAPD) is the Los Angeles local authorities (California) in the United States. Started in 1869, its motto is to Secure and also to Offer (in French: Safeguard and offer ).

The E-SPORTS tournament LOGSTASH ESPORTS Series Pokémon Unite Tournament sponsored by the Managed Security Platform LOGSTASH (Lobster) on November 13 ( LOGSTASH (Lobster). Rice field.

Five months from the Apex Legends tournament held in June, this time, we will deliver the pattern of the present tournament that has been fought in the Pokémon Unite in the report!

In the event of a tight tournament battle, in the exhibition, internal exchange

IT security industry revitalization and this tournament conducted for the purpose of interaction between IT engineers. At the beginning, the Secure Vale Groups representative director of the Secure View Groups Counterman ship is I hope this time will be more than last time, so Im expecting, said the words of opening, and there was an entry near the last three times. It was also revealed.

This tournament became a large event that all 87 teams entered, and the six teams who won the double elimination type tournament entered the final tournament held on delivery. In the delivery, the actual situation acts as a guest, and Shiva Nicole and Wii Nikki appeared as a guest. In addition, Mr. Amanda served as a game commentary.

The first Winners finally held the team Taki-Shima Insight with the official tournament, who has been awarded by the commentators Damage, and the team Fukushima Insight, which has the official tournament, Wrap Research Department. In the early stages, Agape Research Department takes a lead to the lead, but Hiroshima In Fight is successful from the pilot turtle battle. After that, Sukarno, who manipulated the player, showed a rampage, and he won the victory for the championship candidate.

In the Lasers quarterfinals that were subsequently done, Monash and pleasant friends and Me kelp tea are brought to the match carrying the match after securing the thunder after securing a supervisory with a race battle. In all cases, each team has won so far, and it has been a game development that she has been able to work together, and the Caster team has greatly exciting.

In the Lasers semifinals, Monash and pleasant friends, which set up the placement of 1 person on the upper lane, three people in the lower lane, followed by the quarterfinals, and holds the leader. If you defeat the trees that will be important objects in a slight time, move to the upper-lane in the group and hey the movement of the counter. We showed a wake of over 800 points to the weapon to the weapon. Ume-kunsu tea, which adopted a slightly rare composition called Areas equipped with a battle item Missouri that has been strengthened, is here.

This is the Wrap Research Department and Total and pleasant friends that bet on the last ticket for the Grand Final. A game that can not be loses to each other is unfolded to retire, and the go of the game will be left to the group battle before Thunder.

First, Monash and pleasant friends makes Kirk KO and fantigenate by the Peppy of Yakitori, but the battle of Areas who returned while the battle has returned a large amount of hits on the passage. This creates continuous kills and the Wrap Laboratory will succeed in reverse. Ton and pleasant friends also focused on the last 30 seconds, but Wrap Research Department won only 46 points.

In the Exhibition Match, which was made in front of the Grand Final to determine the champion, the team LogS tare Esports Series is becoming familiar with Lobsters officer. I played a team Quint composed of the companys young employee.

The Apex Legends tournament has increased by two people. I want you to come as a sport as a sport. Samoan of the employee team Quite is also Im going to make it a mess and I felt intense sparks from before the match.

However, when the lid is opened, the game content is Into overwhelms Manner in the energetic play full of young power, and after the score will reach 1000 points after winning the sander. This is also a gradually that has been a good-fighting thread that shows good cooperation, such as the quiz that has been implemented in the mini-cornering mini-corners, and he responded, etc. A team Quite that young employees fascinated their dynamic gave a wonderful victory.

After the match, Mr. San of Into was attacked by Im not Im sorry I was attacking my boss while saying everyone, said Dead-no NATO, who loses, NATO of the network of studio Since it seems bad... And the cause of the cause (?) And It is better to put in the LOGSTASH collector of CHI, and I also rewarded one in a posture that I did not forget PR.

In the game, in the game, in the game, in the game, in the game, in the game that enjoyed the serious match as opponent, the Caster is It is good that the team will be assembled by the company. ! And ale was given.

A prosperous winning team is Tribes Inn Fight

The grand final of the champion is a match between the Wrap Laboratory and Fukushima Insight as well as the Winners Final. In order to win the reverse victory, it is a Wrap Research Department that needs two consecutive wins, but the strong player will focus on Sukarno, which will be manipulated by this final game.

Finally, Wrap Research Department also aimed at the Thunder steel of the death, but Triple Inn Fight side is not allowed in high-speed object combat using the battle item ENE CO Tail with three people.

Fukushima Inn Fight, who showed the matching of the crop without being different from the reputation of the winning candidates, and the Fukushima Inn Fight was unbeaten and all 87 teams. Watanabe of the commentary also said, Wrap Research Department was introduced while introducing measures from the battle experience, but also I won overwhelming power.

It is LOGSTASH ESPORTS SERIES who showed excitement that surpassed the first time, but it was announced that the third tournament was held early in delivery. The time is announced as about April 2022, and the Rice Tomorrow also assumes that If you look at this excitement, you will definitely do it. The title is also about the title, so if you are considering participating, do not forget to check the information now!

About LogS tare, Secure View Group

System Monitoring / Log Management and AI Prediction Software Manufacturer LogS tare that provides the next generation of managed security platforms that realize the prediction in one package. LogS tare offers a managed security platform for Secure View, Career View, which offers services to users 24 hours a day, 365 days, and Career View, which provides services for system surveillance and operation, and operates secure View, Career View. By feeding back the know-how to LOGSTASH, the LOGSTASH platform evolves better.

LOGSTASH free version, demo version, evaluation version is here

Secure View Groups are a few Japanese companies that develop business in IT security. Consists of Career View, which provides security operation service (SOC) that does not rely on overseas products, Career View, which provides services to solve security shortages, and LOGSTASH to develop pure national security operation platforms, We are working on IT security businesses about 20 years from 2001 Secure View.

If you have LOGSTASH, you can cover the operational operation of the companys IT system. As in the past, the monitoring system is operated at the cloud and on-plane, and there is no complication such as prepare a dedicated tool for each log collection and alert reporting, and the functions necessary for security operation become all-in-one It is characterized by that.

LogS tare is the only SOC (security professional organization) in the world, and a rich template is equipped with standards, so it does not require specialized knowledge and achieves the same operation as security professional. In addition, because it is possible to operate from the introduction to operation, it is a point with a sense of security that there is little burden on IT engineers, and support for Japanese and Japan time is also a sense of security.

LOGSTASH is currently distributing free trial version. If you are interested, check out by all means?

LOGSTASH free version, demo version, evaluation version is here


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