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The Story of New World explains - what you need to know about the world of Aeternum

Scumm (Script Creation Utility for Management Manor, English, Scripting Utility for Maniac Manor ) is midway between a language and also engine for video clip games for graphic journeys. SCUMM was developed by Lucasfilm Gamings (then known as Lucasarts) and created by Aric Wilmunder and Ron Gilbert for his Manac Mansion video clip game in 1987, considered among the first visuals journeys of the history of computer game. It was the most prominent graphic journey engine in the eighties and initial ninety, having in AGI and also SCI Sierra on-line its major rivals. Scumm enabled video game developers to create locations, items as well as discussion series without the requirement to write in the exact same language with which the source code of the game had been created.

mysteries, mysterious structures and a lot of questions - offering you the story about umNew World. With his dark fantasy setting, the game tries to draw you into its spell. We at meinMMO you tell the story, the relationships and what story the game will tell us.

This is the setting of New World : The story takes place in the 17th century and shows elements of the colonial era. Technological progress is still in its infancy, as the most innovative in the game are guns or muskets in their early stages. However, that is also used by the inhabitants there is magic and sorcery.

The world around you is more bleak than idyllic. Ruins adorn the bald areas of the map and mysterious monsters and figures are home Aeternum, the island on which the entire main action takes place.

Myths and legends tell of a source of eternal life, which is located on this island. Azoth called this liquid and promises never to age much power and the user. But every coin has two sides, and Azoth shows with its terrible side effects that the seductive benefits are only part of his true power.

Isabella Entire Origin Story ► New World MMORPG [Major Lore Video, Main Villain] So your story begins in New World (Attention: Spoilergefahr)

How will you into the story involved? Right in the intro of the game, you will play a bleak scene. Two men meet in a run-down pub. One of them, a survivor of the last expedition to Aeternum, said that the myths and legends are true about the said island and indescribable riches are to be found.

This survivor presents your captain Thorpe a mysterious box whose contents (still) remains a mystery. With new findings and the chest under the arm of the captain starts the expedition to Aeternum. You re part of his crew, seduced by the scent of the promised riches that await you in the new country.

But you ll quickly on the floor of the facts brought, namely that this trip a struggle for life or death. The ship is attacked by an unknown force and capsizes. You wake up in a dark and infested coast and a tutorial you can expect, is that first look at the world and gameplay mechanics of the New World.

In most MMOs you are the chosen one who will save the world from destruction. New World is no different. The main mission of telling your story and how her to defy the great evil.

And so it goes. After this short story you wake up and you are stranded on a coast. You realize that the tutorial was just a kind of dream or a bad omen, and want the population of the island off the immediate danger warning, which could be seen as a red contamination.

After futile attempts to warn the settlements on the coast before the disaster, you will be an alleged madman, Yonas Alasar presented, who knows more about the threat than any other on the island. Over time, you learn from him more and more, what secrets does the island.

Azoth, the agent for immediate power - or ruin

What is the Azoth about? You experience Yonas that the source of eternal life is the so-called Azoth. All over the island this resource is to be found and changed the laws of life and death. The monsters you finds on the island are mostly dead creatures that are mutated by Azoth in lost animals.

Furthermore you learn in the story of a ritual with which you can be immortal, and thus the contamination to defy can. However, this has a high cost, because you bind your soul forever to the island and finds no salvation. You are aware of the dangers and you decide nevertheless to use this power.

The corruption and Tree: On the road of immortality, gets her tools, such as the Azoth-rod to the so-called corruption, a dark slimy plague of stinging red features to fight. The origin of this disease is unknown, but one thing is clear: Corruption is the dark side of Azoth, contaminated by hatred and evil souls.

She takes over the body and soul of living beings, allowing them to mutate. Any reason is deleted and only hatred and destructiveness remains. A red substance surrounds you and is the hallmark of corrupt.

Tree, where Yonas also consulted were the guardians and residents Aeternums long before we discovered the island. Their technology and magic arts were driven by Azoth. Through rituals they could create immortal warriors and foot soldiers who guard to this day in the form of skeletons the ruins.

Rumors according to the corruption arose due to a failed experiment of the ancestors. Your greed for even more power and Azoth was her downfall. On all aeterum, paper pages can be found that tell the story isolated.

The corruption spreads - the world is in danger

Is the island of Aerneum consecrated the destruction? To defy the danger, you need an army. You now tries to persuade all three fractions that make relentless mutually migrants, to put the conflicts aside and face corruption.

That succeeds in finally and you are willing to march with united forces towards the north, because there is the origin and core of corruption suspected. But suddenly, you will receive a letter from your former captain Thorpe, in which he asks you to a duel and asks for the mysterious box he lost to the start of the expedition.

The past needs to be buried : With the knowledge that your former captain is now corrupted, you hurry to the unsteady coast to free him from his suffering.

For this you have to complete the expedition The Shares, where at the end, Thorpe awaits you as a final boss.

Everything was just a trap : After you return winning, you will find your base burning again. You will learn that not Captain Thorpe, but a much more powerful opponent behind all the corruption. Her true name is Isabella and during your absence she has overruned the base with an army of corrupt.

You tried in vain your friend Yonas, who could offer Isabella for a moment s forehead, to hurry to help, but you unfortunately come too late. You look into his red-bright eyes.

His mind has already been taken by corruption. You know that only death is the salvation and gets a blow.

Hope dwinds. Is the downfall fixed?

Your master and friend Yonas, who has shown you the way, does not exist anymore. Your army was smashed, the base lies in debris and ashes and the moral of survivors dwindles. Shortly before any hope goes out, the words of Captain Thorpe fall in - the mysterious box, the content must be the key.

What is the content of the mysterious box? After you follow the notes where the box is located, you will also experience its content. Half of Isabella s soul is sealed in the box. Those Isabella, which leads the corruption and with his power eliminating all living.

As soon as your soul is completely restored, your true power will be unleashed.

With the new power, she could even leave the island and distribute the corruption around the world. With this new recognition she is looking for the mysterious box as soon as possible and finally finds out that the so-called angry territory hide the box and protect against Isabella.

The island itself arises in the story against you

Who or what are these angry territory ? The island itself is described as an organism. To tame the dangers, Mother Nature created earthlycrues that try to recover the balance. They destroy any threats and stop neither people nor corruption.

With this knowledge, you still hurry to the center of the angry earthly creatures - Edenhain, the birthplace of the species mentioned. But even there you quickly realize that Isabella was a step ahead of you. The so-called nut source, the heart of the earthly creatures, was attacked and spoiled.

An alliance between humans and nature? Why did not the corruption have not reached out? The nature itself has built a so-called storm wall around the island to prevent the contamination and keep on the island. Now, where the mother s source was weakened, the disease can penetrate outwards.

A huge fleet in epicassion, led by Isabella, will soon be in Lake and start a major investment outward. With the help of the earth s creatures, you sabotage the ships and puts the entire fleet lame. To do so, you have to complete the expedition Dynasty, where at the end the fallen queen of the dynasty as an end boss waiting for you.

To stop corruption, you have to detect them

Eye to eye, tooth around tooth : You find out that corruption on earth creatures look different than on all other living things. Connects the Azoth of the Earth Creatures with the contaminated Azoth of the corrupt, creates a light green contamination - the so-called Blight.

The Blight contaminates everything that comes with which it comes into contact and does not stop with corruption. You tumble the plan to provide the mother source completely with this light green contamination and thus to redeem the complete island from corruption, as the source has stretched its roots into every corner of Aeternum.

The source guard as the last bastion: With a clear goal you collect the favor of nature and sets up an army. Of course, the mother source is well protected and to achieve you need a lot of firepower. At the end, the so-called source monitor is waiting for you, which is extremely strong and wants to tend you from this planet.

After you have experienced the boss, you are nothing in the way and your contemplates the source to stop the corruption. Here only the story ends. Further content will certainly follow in future patches.

How do you find the story of New World? Have you already experienced yourself or are you just dermade. Write us down in the comments.


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