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Top 10 iPad games to play in 2020

2020 is a brilliant year for mobile games, bringing innovative platforms, narrative adventures and gaming ports acclaimed by critics on iOS devices. Whether your iPad is your main gaming handheld or just a way to spend time on the road, these additions to the App Store will keep your inch busy.

the white door

If you like pointer-clicking adventures based on a story, the white door is one to check. In this aesthetically simple world, you guide Robert Hill through the daily activities of a patient in a mental health facility. Following a list of tasks every day, like working and eating spaghetti, helps the protagonist to find his song by piece. Every night after put Robert in bed, you have a brief overview of his memories: a woman, a cul-de-sac, a favorite coffee. A strong writing, a bewitching band and a mysterious intrigue make the white door an interesting way of spending time.

The Last Remnant Remastered

It has been more than a decade that is first struck the Xbox 360. The original version was gripped with glitchy visuals and offset, but this port eliminates these disturbing distractions. The gameplay is reflected in the iOS port of this classic Square Enix. The combat system is more complex than your classic mobile game, but it is worth deciphering it for the scenario of more than 50 hours.

Top 10 iPad Games 2020 RUN RABBIT RUN

This high energy platform proclaims die has never been so fun, and it's a quite accurate statement. Highly inspired by Super Meat Boy, but with a hungry rabbit in search of carrots, this game will frustrate you and let you thank him for the experience. Run Rabbit Run is a beautiful game; The visuals alternate between a dynamic comic art and dark levels of high contrast. This is a free iPad game that is worth more than the price.

Digenic: Travel in the Spirit

FIGMENT: Travel in the Spirit is a freshly offset musical action-adventure game on IOS devices. The colorful world represents a human spirit, polluted by terrifying creatures and dark thoughts. The protagonist Grumpy Dusty is the voice of courage, but he lost his way. You will help him find his strength by attacking fun puzzles and interesting mechanisms while browsing a whimsical landscape.

Taxi SIM 2020

Taxi sim 2020 does exactly what he says on the label. You are a taxi driver in an unnamed city, responsible for safe transport of NPCs across the city. At the beginning of each exit, you receive general information and guidelines to follow. Some passengers penalize you for turning red or driving repeatedly, while others live for danger. After submitting each passenger, you are valued on the distance traveled and the happiness of your driver. It is certainly a little healthier than taxi foul, but still scratches the same itching.

Magic: Airstrike

Magic: Airstrike is the perfect combination of Magic: The Gathering Universe and a real-time strategy game. Faithful at the origin of the series based on the cards, each handle begins with a card of cards to invoke your characters and creatures on the battlefield. The games last only three minutes and promote rapid strategic decisions. You must be fast to take over their opponents. Magic: Airstrike is visually impressive; Planes walkers and creatures really take life.


Shallower + is a familiar name for many; The original spell tower was a classic of the App Store in the early 10 years. This new edition is a reimagination more than just reissue. The new puzzle modes remix the functionality of the basic word search for an additional challenge. Daily Tour mode allows you to face others on the day puzzle, while Zen mode prompts you to sit and relax while finding new words. Shallower + has the best qualities of a mobile game: engaging, addictive and fun.

Evelyn farm

Website of Evelyn You will ask yourself: Should a mobile game be pretty? Probably not. Take a fascinating story with an addictive quest progression and delete all visuals, and the result is this modern classic black and white. This is a textual adventure in the mind of vintage mobile game. He does not need graphics to shine.


Song of bloom is an intensely beautiful game that mixes a new visual style with aesthetic thickening puzzles. Progress through puzzles discovers new indices that deepen the story. Song of bloom is just as rewarding as you adhere to the story, or you venture into mini-games. Sometimes it may seem that the following goal is not clear, and in other cases, the game seems a bit heavy to hold, but the skillful mixture of illustrations and sounds is enough to move away.

Gladiators — Ai Combat Arena

If you have always wanted an army of robots at your disposal, gladiators is worth trying. The premise is simple: Build your team of robots, train their IA and prepare to wreak havoc. You can revise their strategy and skills based on their combat results, then try again. And even. And even. More refinement iterations mean that your team can deal with larger threats. Gladiators has received countless distinctions on other platforms, but is only available for iOS devices.


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