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Astro City Mini V 2022 summer release decision! Includes 22 titles, mainly STG in the 80th to 90s

Street Fighter is a 1987 arcade video game established by Cap com. It is the first affordable battling video game generated by the company as well as the first installment in the Street Fighter series. It was a business success in arcades as well as introduced special strikes and a few of the conventions made conventional in later fighting games, such as the six-button controls as well as the usage of command-based unique actions. Road Fighter was routed by Takashi Nishiyama, who developed it by adjusting in charge battles of his earlier beat 'em up video game Lungful Master (1984) for an individually fighting game, as well as by drawing influence from preferred Japanese shōnen manga. A port for the computer Engine/TurboGrafx CD console was launched as Fighting Road in 1988, as well as was re-released for the Wii's Virtual Console in 2009. Its sequel, Road Boxer II (1991), developed its gameplay with amazing around the world success. Road Fighter also generated two spiritual followers, Cap com's beat 'em up Last Fight (functioning title Street Fighter '89) and also INK's combating game Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (1991), the latter made by Road Fighter director Takashi Nishiyama.

SEGA TOYS, equipped with a vertical-type LCD monitor, was recorded arcade game 22 works of the vertical screen Castro City mini V, today announced it will release in 2022 summer.

This product is following the Castro City mini that faithfully reproduces game enclosure that appeared in the 90s game center the Castro City in one size of 6 minutes, is an arcade classic 2nd series of products. From the 80s shooting game of the '90s that sparked the vertical screen games in the center, and has recorded 22 title. Lineup is as follows.

Moon Crest


Terra Crest

Cosmopolitan Syrian

Action Fighter


Wrestle War

shark! Shark! Shark!


-Out zone

Sonic Wings

Trenton II 1992

Doyen !!

Dessert Breaker


V. V (Grind Stormed)

Senior Ace

Gale magic Disabuse

Gun bird

Strikers 1945

Armed Police Bat rider

Yoruba clade Unlimited version

Development, the Holy Land, arcade Mikado cooperation of arcade games to get enthusiastic support. Get title selection from the provision of difficult substrates, such as a button arrangement, that of a fun as it is playing sensation in the arcade Mikado. It also corresponds to the vertical screen display of the external liquid crystal display according to the HDMI connection. One button can be saved in an instant easy save function it is also equipped.

The price is ¥19,580 (tax included), reservation start in a limited number than today, December 17 (Friday). In addition, from Sega will be sold Sega set (500 units only). In addition to the Castro City mini V body in this set, and Castro City mini V game center style kit, Castro City mini control pad is included.

Furthermore, in addition to the main BGM of Titles, Sega sound creator Hero said: and (aka Hero teacher), was recorded a new song by the familiar Sega Taken Mitsubishi's strong tag as Japan song of good salary man Castro City mini V Special CD. Sega, arcade Mikado, was designed to Castro City mini V recording of the 22 title logo Castro City mini V Special collaboration T-shirt. Three of the background Castro City mini V Special display board that can display, such as a game center is marked with as a benefit.

The price is ¥32,780 (including tax), delivered in this set-only package. Here is today 21 o'clock 30 minutes later, will be sequentially reservation start.

Наркомания из тик тока [ Gacha life | Gacha club] In addition, at the YouTube channel arcade Mikado, featured the Castro City mini V on December 18 (Saturday) 21 pm 30 minutes of delivery. Is a demonstration scheduled for Gale magic Battle, Yoruba clade Unlimited version using the actual machine. To the point of capture from memories story that evokes a time of enthusiasm, because it is unlikely to deliver a fan must-see content, I do not miss.

Castro City mini V will be released in the summer of 2022. Normal version is ¥19,580 (including tax), Sega set is ¥32,780 (tax included).


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