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Cree Tales: Adri, New Playable Character and History Content

After a half-shaded start last July, Dreams Incorporated's RPG spent a long time corrected some of its flaws. But it's time for Creswell and its companions to compete with new dangers on the occasion of a content update. As of December 16, 2021, a content patch for Chris tales comes to bring many novelties, including ADR, to expand the game and his singular universe.

Cris Tales - New Content: Adri Trailer

New history content

On the occasion of this patch of December 16, Chris tales offers a new playable character, ADR, as well as a thematic dungeon. ADR becomes the seventh character playable in history, enjoying his creations to overcome his opponents. It is an invoked who builds machines during clashes to take the ascendant. To use Creswell temporal powers allows him to improve his creations over time.

The dungeon is essentially based on the machines that compose it. Bestiary and puzzles are mechanical to stick to the narrative frame of ADR. Complete this new content allows you to unlock a new end for the history of Creswell, with a kinematics worked for the occasion. These are novelties available towards the end of the game, allowing players who have already finished resuming an advanced backup to try it.

Improved Colosseum and Single Boss

The Colosseum returns to an enhanced version to handle the difficulty. The waves of enemies become more and more dangerous, but the booty is also more precious. Improve your skills by taking part in this battle, and face the new opponents who are waiting for you. Come over the waves to confront you with a new original boss, with unique skills.


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