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Escape from Tarkov: How to get metal spare parts Gordon Bicker

Escape from Markov has grown exponentially over the years and new players regularly immerse themselves in the fight. In particular, new content updates have kept the experience fresh and players always brought to seek more of their entertaining gaming experience. Now, VOR from Markov has introduced a new patch and together with him new items are added, the players can only find difficult. In this manual, you will learn how to make metal parts in flight from Markov and what they are.

Which metal parts are in Escape from Markov and what are they used for

The name is very self-explanatory, metal parts are simply a kind of article that takes the form of substitute metal scrap. This resource can be used for hiding and manufacturing certain items that give you more than usual on the battlefield than usual. Whether you hope for a console version or go to the field with your loyal PC, this resource is very useful for you to collect them for crafting.

Escape From Tarkov - The BEST Barter Is BACK In Town! Get Them As SOON As POSSIBLE!

An example of what metallic parts can be used is the following items that can be made:

Great case

FP-100 filter absorber Lucky scan junk box

The grenade housing can be made with 2 metal fuel tanks, a metal cutting shears, 5 screws, 5 nuts and two metal spare parts. The grenadier suitcase has 64 inventory sets in an 8 × 8 grid and allows storage of various grenade equipment, so that your character can save inventory space for other items.

In addition, the Lucky Scan Junk Box can be made if you have two magazine pockets, a metal shear, 6 screws, 3 metallic parts and 3 hectare adhesive tape. This item is another container again and offers a total of 196 inventory places and everything a barter item can be kept in it.

For all items that can be manufactured with metal parts, you must ensure that certain parts of the hiding are unlocked.

Where to find metal parts

Finding the metal spare parts is a journey for themselves to find them and prepare storage room. First, there are numerous places where players have discovered the parts for pickup, although it was difficult to find them. A special place to find them is on the 'Lighthouse' card and when looking at the beach or looks at the box scattered on the map, they are mostly found as loose parts.

Another place where you can find them is in 'interchange', in shelves and top of boxes waiting for you to pick them up. SCAN Runs were also beneficial to players to get metal spare parts, taking some people other knowledge that they have spawned them in their backup on a scan run.

Collect metal spare parts in flight from Markov this month?

Escape from Markov is now available on the PC.


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