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These 5 textures

Who wants to optically upgrade his Minecraft, who needs small extensions. There is a wide selection. We show you which resource packs Minecraft make gorgeous!

Update: The item has been updated on 16.12.2021. The presented texture packages are now suitable for Minecraft Patch 18.1 — the 2nd part of the Caves & Cliffs updates.

Minecraft enjoys even the greatest popularity after years. Although the pitch look of course has it's entirely a charm, the pixeled representation is not optimal for each player. But fortunately, there is a remedy here on the PC, because Minecraft can be fully upgraded with the help of Texture Packs. We present you 7 packages with which your Minecraft becomes consentless as ever.

What are Texture Packs? Texture Packs (or Resource Packs ) are graphics created by users who replace the ordinary Minecraft optics. Often they even have a higher resolution than the standard. The normal texture pack has about a resolution of 16 × 16 pixels for a single block, which generated graphics created by users often to 32 × 32, 64 × 64 or even 256 × 256. This is, depending on the PC, but very resource intensive, but the game can beautify dramatically.

How to Install Resource / Texture Packs? Meanwhile, Minecraft has a pretty good integration for this feature. You just download the corresponding ZIP file. Then your Minecraft, chooses Options and seeks Resource Packs the path where you have saved the file. Now moves the file to the ResourcePacks folder, and you can already play with the new-look Minecraft!

The 5 Best Resource Packs for Minecraft 1.18.1

Let's get to the 5 Resource / Texture Packs, with which you can significantly enhance your Minecraft.


Who likes it gloomy and medieval, with objects reminiscent of Dungeon Crawler from past times, should look at the Texture Pack Bayesian. The textures differ significantly from the standard look and miss Minecraft a scary but atmosphere medieval look.

Even if the revisions are not immediately attracted to each block, the overall result is consistent. Especially the Creepers, who now have the brown color of trees, are twice scary — because in the dark forest they are so better called as anyway.

31 Tiny Texture Updates Minecraft Should Add Although the pixel number is not particularly high at this pack, but that is not necessary — for it fulfills its purpose to miss the world of Minecraft more immersion.

Link to the download page: Bayesian on


Fully independent textures offered the package aircraft. Although in most cases, it can be easily recognized which blocks can be seen, but the texture package offers enough representation to be considered unique. Especially the design of the armor pleases, but also the remaining objects are worth a look. If you want to try a fresh look in Minecraft, in which great attention to detail has been put, you should take a look at Aircraft.

The package is already optimized for version 1.18. We had no problems with it and could use the package in the current patch.

Link to download page: Aircraft on planet Minecraft

MISS's realistic texture pack

Even if Minecraft is not imaginable without blocks, one can say goodbye to the cute look and choose a more realistic approach to the game. This enables Miss's Realistic Texture Pack. Whether the wildlife or environment, the texture package evaluates pretty much everything you can find in Minecraft. Although there are many texture packages that set realism, but Miss's also requires comparatively little performance. A clear recommendation from us.

The Texture Pack was also upgraded for version 1.18 and now has an adaptation for all items in the game. So it's complete.

Link to download page: MISS's realistic texture pack on planet Minecraft


Your PC is a real killer and other texture packages bring processor and ram almost not to sweat? You want to look how many pixels in Minecraft are really possible and stands on a somewhat comic-lasticous look? Then you should take a look at the texture packages of Aircraft.

The texture packages of Aircraft make Minecraft a bit more colorful and colorful, creating individual objects more strongly and the whole world looks a bit picturesque.

If you do not have such a strong PC, you can download the texture pack with less resolution. In addition to the largest of 512 pixels, there are also the smaller variants with 256, 128, 64, 32 or only 16. This is likely to be a bit offered for computers of all performance classes, and you can experiment a little.

Link to download page: Aircraft Texture Pack on

Ultra FPS Booster

Although Minecraft is in the core a rather quiet game, there are also a number of people who like to experience PVP aspects and frolic on appropriate servers. Especially in heated battles, a quick reaction and high frame rate is important to react as soon as possible. The rather unusual texture package is worth ultra fps booster.

The texture package sets the pixel number of most blocks 1. This means that different blocks are completely monochrome. Only special blocks, such as ores, have a few more pixels so that the most important resources stand out from the crowd. While this is indispensable, but who gets used to the package, has significantly shorter loading times and recognizes relevant information faster to have a small advantage in the PVP. In addition, this package is minimalism on extremely geared — which can be quite pleasant.

Link to download page: Link to Ultra-FPS boost texture package on Minecraft mods

Do you use texture packs in Minecraft? If so, which do you use? Or do you get the standard look of the game upright at any price?

If you are still not enough, you can additionally upgrade Minecraft with shaders — that raises the game on a completely different, graphical level.


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