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BVB: FC Barcelona with 100 million

FC Barcelona continues to work with high pressure at the commitment of Borussia Dortmund's striker Erlang Haaland. According to information of Spot and Goal, the financially striking Catalans are obsessed to commit the Norwegian in summer. They are exchanged with the Spanish league and have made a model proposal, as a transfer of Haaland is economically to be sized. Thus, the Bluegrass want to sell 49 percent to the Barça Studios, a media production company, which belongs to the club. This is to rinse 100 million euros in the club banks. Money to be put in the Haaland transfer immediately. Align has already approved the plan and challenged Barça that Haaland is obliged in the case and should also be registered. A circumstance, for example, when transferred to Terran Torres was not allowed before a few weeks ago. However, before the sale of the Barça Studios, there is still problems with the image rights to solve some players. Because the club does not belong to all the image rig

3 New Star Wars Games in Respawn, Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel confirmed

Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm Games today announced that the Developer Respawn Entertainment is now working on three new video games associated with Star Wars IP. Of these three new titles, a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fall order Now it has been confirmed that it is in process formally after years of rumors about the game. To go along with this order fall, Respawn will also create a new title in a genre with which you are quite familiar, while you will also work with an external company to make a game of Star Wars quite different. Detailed in EA website today, it was confirmed that the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: order fall is in process at this very moment. As in the original game, STING ASMUSSEN works as a project manager once again, which means that much of the team that worked in the first entry probably returns here. In addition to this, it is said that Director Peter Hirschman is also running a first-person shooting game of Star Wars. The details about this project are very scar

Olli Olli World: After several hours of play I can ensure that it will be one of the jewels of 2022

Fora Horizon 5 is a racing game established by Play area Games and also released by Xbox Game Studios. It is the 5th forza horizon component as well as the twelfth major component of the Fora collection. The game plays in a make believe depiction of Mexico. It was released on November 9, 2022 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series, however was currently played by costs version owners from 5 November. cosmetic change but the essence always Fun Psicodélica with a simple but effective soundtrack The 2022 megatons be fraught with games as Triple A that caused the huge hype with major titles like Elder Ring, Horizon Forbidden West or Star field. But... What happens to the indies games? For several years now, the small industry has always been plagued with very innovative and great quality titles such as Hotline Miami, Knight Hollow Inscription or even last year. Well, this time we'll talk about a title that has always been a little gem recent years and this late

Cyberpunk 2077 Soundtrack offers music from Grimes, A $ AP Rocky and more

CPR will do everything to convey your vision. With cyberpunk 2077 CD project red has reached the end phase of development and has lowered the heads as they reach the finish line before the start of the game in April. For this reason, we have recently seen the Game Awards new gameplay or no new trailer for the role-playing game — but that does not mean that the game was completely missing in the show. CD Project Red gave a look behind the scenes of the game and focused on the music and soundtrack to confirm that the east original music is contained by some well-known artists. From A $ AP Rocky, Run The Jewels and Grimes to Nina Travis, Refused and Council Boy, Cyberpunk 2077 will have a Soundtrack occupied with stars. CPR relies high on the immersion factor of the game and the construction of the world for its futuristic environment. The original music will therefore be an important part of the experience. To judge the talent that they have hired, it looks like they could put th

Naughty Dog and his new multiplayer game: Details arise about their economy in a job offer

On money making, in the offer they do not speak straight from microtransactions or what sort of money making they mean to make use of, although the summary attracts a game game with inner and also continual economy, even more similar than that of the models free-to -Play that to conventional payment titles. The Last of the United States: Component II reached 2020 as one of the most effective games of current years and 3DGames we tell you why this was the extension we are entitled to. Naughty Dog looks for to create a friendly economy for your new multiplayer At no time is referenced to what is the multiplayer video game you are talking about, even if you claim that you will certainly attempt to keep the same level of passion and also top quality It has actually defined its narrative video games which it is the first multiplayer game independent of the study. Whatsoever times Naughty Dog discuss a brand-new game, although it might likewise be the Multiplayer Setting of The Last peo

Viktoria Berlin: Muzzicatos plan for Braunschweig stands

The Viktoria trainer for that reason saw a common appearance versus an ambitious 2nd division. On the 16th of January, it is then to convert this against Contract Braunschweig to minimize league factors. In the examination versus Bremen, nonetheless, this material was not nearly enough to satisfy the Bundesliga relegate at 0: 3 totally at eye degree. But also below Pizzicato completely satisfied with the game. I think that you might see that the team is recorded which we do not have to start there. With a success at Viktoria Cologne, Viktoria from Berlin has passed itself to winter break, so that a series of 4 victorious games ended as well as a seven-point upholstery improved the relegation places. Because Last Monday, the third-league newbie is back in training operation, his men have actually hardly lost barely compound, stated train Benedetto Music pleased.

Intel 1st! National Mainboard MSI Mortar Selection

MS Ai Korea ( Representative Execution ) is selected for the Intel Main board Division, 2021 2H, I said. Dana and Hit brand are based on market research data, based on market research data in Dana, and announced by selecting the amount of sales volume and revenue, and the product that gained the highest response in Korea through a thorough verification and examination. Hit brand selection products are MSI MPG Z690 Force Wi-Fi, ' MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk Wi-Fi DDR4' and 'MSI MAG B560M Mortar Wi-Fi' and support the latest reliability and memory performance Models were selected. MSI was also selected for the Hit brand since 2019, including the 'MSI Mag Z590 Tap' and the 'MSI Mag B560m mortar', and the MSI Mag B560m mortar, and has been selected for Hit brands since 2019. In MSI, MSI will proceed with a lottery event to celebrate the selection of entire hit brands in 2021. Meanwhile, the MSI Main board uses Military Class certified components, not onl

MMORPG died 2021 - is now sold and could return

Astelliawar One of the few MMORPGs that appeared in 2019. It promised an Old-School gaming experience and offered classic content such as dungeons, world bosses and crafting. But the game did not hold some promise and brought too little innovation. 2021 it was then set. 2022 However, it was sold to a new company. What happens right at Stella? Stella is actually one of the MMOs, which unfortunately died in the West 2021. On January 4, however, the developer Round 8 Studios has all rights on MMORPG Stella to Taxi Corp. Sold (via Game.MK.KR). This is a Korean company. TAXI will continue to distribute the rights, Stella internationally and theoretically to bring back to us. Currently, there is only one Korean version of Stella Royale, a free2play version that is affected by the takeover. There it will give a character transfer on 13 January. The original servers of the Buy2Play version of Stella in Korea were closed in 2019. Since then, the Koreans played mainly in the western version.

Giants no clown show

A short review: Already in recent years of Giants legend Eli Manning, with which the New Yorker had won two Super Bowls, the traditional franchise from the Big Apple already showed frighteningly weak. So since 2008/09 only twice the play-offs were achieved — 2011/12 and 2016/17. Manning has long since history, the rich owners John Mara and Steve table have long proclaimed new construction — and yet little can be seen. A suddenly manageable season has led to the time again premature play-off-out, the embarrassing 3:29 among the already excreted Chicago Bears (6:10) has already been the twelfth defeat for only four wins. Embarrassing because of it because it's the proud G-Men here for substitute games Mike Lennon (Daniel Jones has been brought out with a neck injury for quite some time) in this Week 16 at the end on minus (!) Ten Passing Yards. Those Quarterback Lennon has brought only four of elf to the man at this game for magic 24 yards to the man, has been tipped for minus 3

In some places in Apex Legends, there is a feeling of developer's grandmother. Watching Storm Points Watching Legends

Apex Legends is a free video game belonging to the Genus Battle Royale established by Respawn Entertainment as well as published by Electronic Arts. It was introduced for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One on February 4, 2019. In July 2020 it was announced that the title would certainly get to Vapor at the end of 2020, beside the cross video game between platforms. On March 9, 2022, the video game pertained to Nintendo Change. An ad campaign fixated YouTubers and also professional gamers, he managed to bring in 1 million distinct gamers in eight hours, 2.5 million on the initial day and 50 million in three days. While Res paw had been working with the efforts to achieve a second follow up in the Titan fall collection, the success of the Battle Royale techniques in the video games led them to work the titan fall aspects in a Fight Royale style, preserving their own flavor because style. A new map Storm Point implemented in line with the Season opening of November 3 l