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Olli Olli World: After several hours of play I can ensure that it will be one of the jewels of 2022

Fora Horizon 5 is a racing game established by Play area Games and also released by Xbox Game Studios. It is the 5th forza horizon component as well as the twelfth major component of the Fora collection. The game plays in a make believe depiction of Mexico. It was released on November 9, 2022 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series, however was currently played by costs version owners from 5 November.

The 2022 megatons be fraught with games as Triple A that caused the huge hype with major titles like Elder Ring, Horizon Forbidden West or Star field. But... What happens to the indies games?

For several years now, the small industry has always been plagued with very innovative and great quality titles such as Hotline Miami, Knight Hollow Inscription or even last year. Well, this time we'll talk about a title that has always been a little gem recent years and this latest installment has fully exploited its full potential: OlliOlli World.

cosmetic change but the essence always

For those who do not know, the saga OlliOlli bases its games in a very dynamic and fast through different urban locations in 2D and a table skate as transportation platformed. The first two were as good as addictive because its scoring system and gameplay were so well-made that we could spend hours and hours in front of the screen trying to get hold 100% of the game.

With the announcement of World OlliOlli, the developer took a step further and wanted to completely change the aesthetics of the game, but without losing the essence of traveling at high speed through different ecosystems in which each has its particularity. Although the graphic change has been pretty big, I think it gives you a unique essence and much more acclimated to the present, with exquisite audio and a soundtrack that incites us to relax and enjoy the psychedelic journey that has us prepared.

Playability Impeccable

If there is something that stands out above all is absolutely amazing gameplay Olli World throughout our whole adventure. At the beginning of concepts they are simple: Jump, Grinder and tricks with skate ... so on.

They were enough to know that two levels control was perfect and as he advanced through the different places of the first world I was falling more and more of the work. It is the second world when I marvel full of the game with new mechanics and wall rides so satisfactory that could be made.


I think, even though it's a 2.5D adventure is one of the best games of recent years skate if you do not have the remake of the first two Tony Hawk, and these have been the culmination of a whole genre. The gameplay, the tricks you can do with the skateboard and visual style as psychedelic fit nicely with everything you want to convey the game: speed and fun.

Fun Psicodélica with a simple but effective soundtrack

Something that catches my attention is pretty as psychedelic aesthetic that has the game , with a tier system too entertaining and sometimes because of some detail the landscape had to repeat the level. The point system if it is true that it is quite secondary and rarely is relevant, but I think the main attraction of the game is not to exceed a record but enjoy the trip.

As for music, I think the choice of songs is outstanding and linking different concepts into one : psychedelia, tranquility, modernism and hip hop culture. The Lo-Fi roll mixed with Hip Hop bases seem to me crazy, besides the sound system when we get to make a good combo or sound so satisfying to the grinder and make wall rides throughout the entire game.

Finally, I want to emphasize something that I did not expect: The difficulty curve so sophisticated that has . At the beginning it is not the whole complicated, as we are learning the basics and progressed at different levels as the circuit became increasingly complicated and challenging. But when I complete a difficult level of the pull and without trying, it is one of the best experiences you will have no doubt.

After all these hours of play I can assure you OlliOlli World is more than ready for his departure and that its success will be guaranteed . I firmly believe that will be one of those indie gems that will mark the year as did the Inscription or Disco Elysium past two years. Hopefully the 2022 is a great year for the big game, as well as for indies that come.


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