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Horizon Forbidden West: Change facial painting

The face paint in Horizon Forbidden West is actually not a real innovation, they existed that is already in the predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn. However, it was there to decorate so only in New Game + possible Aloy. In the current part you can watch the face painting from the beginning to use - if you know how. In this guide you learn: What does the face paint in Horizon Forbidden West? Where can I get new face painting? How and where do I change Aloys face painting? Gallery: Here you find the painter Gallery: Different face painting in check Gallery: So you start the Photo mode Easter Egg: Where Kratos' face paint? These three totems you have to find Where did you get face painting How and where it changes Aloy has also sent with some new tools and skills on their adventure. What exactly are we tell you in our guide. Buy Now Credit Card for PlayStation Network! What does the face paint in Horizon Forbidden West? Basically, the face painting is nothing more than a purely

Steam: New Games

Steam advertises with a new sale to the middle of the week. Valve's download platform has expanded the Midweek Madness category by additional games deals. In the offer is for example Dragon Ball Fighterz : The steam key for the beating game you will receive 8.99 euros - a discount of 85 percent. The Fighterz and Ultimate Editions are also lowered in the price. Cheaper is currently the real-time strategy game Battleflefleet Gothic: Armada 2 , which you receive in the Steam Sale for 5.99 euros. The Complete Edition with additional content and soundtrack you click for 12.72 euros in your collection. Midweek Madness & Daily Offers Steam Next Fest is live: lots of demos Midweek Madness & Daily Offers In the Steam Sale, you also make an offer on Hollow Knight : The excellent action adventure is currently receiving her for 7.49 euros - and thus saves 50 percent to the regular price on Steam. For example, fans of puzzles are at SuperLiminal at their expense: the title sac

LOL: Cloud9 dismisses LS after a prognosis after a few weeks of competition

Last night, cloud9 Announced that his coach Nick "LS" CESARE would stop working for them for the remainder of season 2022 , a surprise so unexpected that has surprised even Nick. It will be Maxwell Alexander Waldo who will catch the rudder of a team that seemed to be full of emotion and desire until today. And it is that the announcement of the dismissal of it was published just 15 minutes before playing the next league match against clg; Party that certainly would lose a resounding way through a backdoor. An unexpected output for everyone, even for the coach itself Cloud9 Tweet was short but at the same time intense : "Ls stops being a cloud9 coach and Max Waldo has been promoted to the main coach position of LCS. We would like to thank LS for his contributions to the team and wish him the best". A message from the US team that has proved to be quite unexpected and especially very cryptic, since until now there has not been a single reason why the liberat

One Piece, Attack on Titan and Co.: Crunchyroll finally comes to the switch

Krunchyroll is now part of Sony, but that owners are not that owners' inside other consoles can not also come to the enjoyment of the anime streaming service. After Last year, Game Pass Ultimate owners got a trial subscription on their Xbox, it now also creates the Crunchyroll app in Nintendos eShop and thus on the switch. with Crunchyroll Anime Mobile on the Switch looking Crunchyroll Look for free From when there is Crunchyroll on the Switch? You can download the app from now on the eShop. with Crunchyroll Anime Mobile on the Switch looking This is how it works: The Crunchyroll app provides over 1,000 animes that you can look at your console. To get you, you can easily download you from the eShop your Nintendo console. For this you need about 110 MB of free space. Crunchyroll can be used in TV mode as well as in handheld mode of the switch. Offline look only with subscription: If you want animes stream, you usually need an internet connection on the switch. The "

Bioshock: Netflix announces film adaptation

There should be a bioshock movie, as he was planned years ago, just not in the cinema. Bioshock celebrates its 15th birthday this year. In August 2007, the ego shooter came from developer 2k Boston (before and from 2009 irrational games) for the PC and the Xbox 360 on the market. One year later, porting followed the PlayStation 3 and today the title is also playable on PS4 and Xbox One (thus PS5 and Xbox Series X / S) and the Nintendo Switch. In 2010, a direct sequel followed and 2013 seemed Bioshock Infinite. All three parts are considered great shooter hits, a fourth bioshock is in work at the Studio Cloud Chamber. And actually a movie should come. The should be produced by universal and Gore Verbinski ("Curse of the Caribbean") was considered a director. Ultimately, however, the project was in the Sande. Now quite surprisingly Netflix has announced, in collaboration with Take-Two or its daughter 2K Games to put a film adaptation on the legs. As the video-on-demand g

Guild Wars 2: Jade-Bots

With a comprehensive gameplay insight into the Jade bots, the developers in the recent LiveStream have taken care of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons for clarity. Because the freshly announced fifth mastering around the cute robots was introduced with a trailer, there were still questions. First, whether you are using the end-of-dragons release on February 28, 2022 for Power Creep and with your revival the gameplay much too much simplify. We have summarized the forty-minute developer gameplay for you and crispy for you and can also give all the all-clear. Other new controls in the ultimate overview to End of Dragons The Jade Bots from End of Dragons: How to work How to use a jade bot, he needs a power core. This represents an article of equipment whose highest level 10 is. At this high level, he introduces you 235 vitality - that's 2,350 extra life for you! Other stats have not yet been provided, but the developers are still considering it. These energy core get all players a

How much fairy tale is in Royale Union Saint

In Europe, hardly anyone should have known the Royale Union Saint-Gilloise until a few weeks ago. However, that has changed fundamentally - the story is too good and, at least in Germany, reminds a little at the 1st FC Kaiserslautern. The Belgian club is undoubtedly a traditional club, but he was very successful, he was already no longer forever - until the fourth league, it was temporarily down. In the far over one hundred year history, the total eleven championships are correspondingly long ago, most recently, the title went 1935 to the club from the capital Brussels. The stadium is a Marodes gem andAV: "I really wanted to be part of the project" A German millionaire and a poker player from England Belgian toys for rich millionaires Syrianos: "Products from the pole offer no competitive advantage" Algorithms and databases determine the transfers But now the newcomer - like the FCK in 1998 in the Bundesliga - are sensational masters, even if the way there is, d

Scientists explain curious theory about the breed of Piccoro

The universe of Dragon Ball is definitely full of many curious and interesting creatures. Akira Toriyama Let him fly the imagination of him when creating this franchise, and as a result, we have characters that we will probably remember all our lives. Among them is piccoro , who served as Paternal figure of Gohan for much of the anime, and that certainly has powerful regenerative skills. Piccoro is part of a race known as Namekians, and practically all of them share the same facial features: green skin with antennas on the head. But it seems that this race could actually be more complex than we think, or at least this is theorized a couple of scientists who turn out to be great admirers of Dragon Ball. Masakuyi Nato and Yudai Okuyama, Two scientists, explained how they believe that actually works the biology of Namekians, and their regenerative powers: "In terms of biology, I would say that they get their energy through photosynthesis, as well as plants. The Namek