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Guild Wars 2: Jade-Bots

With a comprehensive gameplay insight into the Jade bots, the developers in the recent LiveStream have taken care of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons for clarity. Because the freshly announced fifth mastering around the cute robots was introduced with a trailer, there were still questions. First, whether you are using the end-of-dragons release on February 28, 2022 for Power Creep and with your revival the gameplay much too much simplify. We have summarized the forty-minute developer gameplay for you and crispy for you and can also give all the all-clear.

Other new controls in the ultimate overview to End of Dragons

The Jade Bots from End of Dragons: How to work

  • How to use a jade bot, he needs a power core. This represents an article of equipment whose highest level 10 is. At this high level, he introduces you 235 vitality - that's 2,350 extra life for you! Other stats have not yet been provided, but the developers are still considering it.
    • These energy core get all players at level 80, not only buyer of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons. Thus, the developers make sure that there is no unfair pay2win advantage that EOD players in the open world are easier in Fighting survival.
    • The energy nuclei are tradable and can be built by jewelers.
  • In addition to the energy core there are two more equipment slots. One is for the so-called "sensor array". These bring you above all wealth:
    • For example, you use the module "Scavenger Protocol: Wood" sometimes receives extra wood from defeated opponents. The same is available for trophies, metal and other crafting ingredients. The chance should not be huge, but nevertheless care for something extra prey.
    • A recycler module converts depending on the setting, however, captured items of the category scrap in various materials and currencies around: Dragonite, bloodstone powder, ascending fragments. There are even recyclers who bring you Karma or the brand new raw material jade chips you need in Cantha. Particularly valuable scrap items does not touch the recyclers because the developers assume that they prefer to sell them for gold.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - Jade Bots

  • Have you installed a particularly high power core, a third module slot for so-called service chips is also available. Here you can build chips of different strength. "Jade Assistant: Gliding Booster" increases the thrust that you get through the Jade-Bot control if you let you shove up when sliding up. Alternatively, there is also a speed boost for your boat in End of Dragons, the skiff. With an animal 3-chip it becomes 25 percent faster. You can also place a "Treasure Hunter Protocol" in this slot, then you will be displayed in up to 4,000 units distance treasure chests throughout Tyria, even through walls. This module does not spawn - it really reveals only what you find like this. The revival of the Jade bots basically has a cooldown of ten minutes. You can lower you up to six minutes, but you can still rush rushes in this way. Source: Arenanet
    • With a special animal 3-chip, you also reduce the cooldown of revival by your jade chip: Ten minutes is usually the cooldown of the jade-bot revival and is not in WVW, PVP, Strikes, Fractal or raids available - this action should really help only in the open world. So we thought about them.

Jade bots are just to see if they actively do something for you, so for example, do such a zipline - they do not buzz in GW2 not constantly around you. Source: Arenanet

Incidentally, the Jade-Bot will not worry about developers too much for visual chaos, because he only appears when he really does something active, so, for example, brings you a Zipline, creates a personal route brand, you've revived & Co. * You can fly with the jade bot at fixed points through the air and create unique screenshots. You can switch to the EGO view and you can continue to use emotes with your player character, so from previously impossible angles in scene!

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