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Scientists explain curious theory about the breed of Piccoro

The universe of Dragon Ball is definitely full of many curious and interesting creatures. Akira Toriyama Let him fly the imagination of him when creating this franchise, and as a result, we have characters that we will probably remember all our lives. Among them is piccoro , who served as Paternal figure of Gohan for much of the anime, and that certainly has powerful regenerative skills.

Piccoro is part of a race known as Namekians, and practically all of them share the same facial features: green skin with antennas on the head. But it seems that this race could actually be more complex than we think, or at least this is theorized a couple of scientists who turn out to be great admirers of Dragon Ball.


Masakuyi Nato and Yudai Okuyama, Two scientists, explained how they believe that actually works the biology of Namekians, and their regenerative powers:

"In terms of biology, I would say that they get their energy through photosynthesis, as well as plants. The Namek planet has three soles and never done at night, so photosynthesis would be the ideal method to generate energy according to the environment in which they live. In fact, there are animals that live symbiotically with algae or with organisms whose bodies contain chloroplasts that use photosynthesis to generate energy. The coral is a famous example of this, but there are also others. "

So according to these scientists, who also recently theorized about the evolutions of freezer , piccoro works very similar to a plant, so among more solar light there is, stronger this Warrior. Of course, this theory has actually not been tested in the anime, but of being true, sure we would have already seen it in action.

Editor's note: I doubt a lot that Toriyama has designed Piccoro as a kind of plant, but theory is definitely interesting. We have seen that this warrior has proven to be much stronger than everyone thought, but when it comes to Goku or Vegeta, the truth is that Piccoro stays short.


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