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Eldon Ring Daejeon fighting? Hara Da PD is also surprised 'Demon Ring'

The big popular game follows the fans directly developed by the fans. Elder Scrolls 5: There is a game that is popular in a long period of time based on mode like Skyrim. And this time, the taste of the taste of Ta Gatsuhiro PD is also a surprise Tekken 7 Eldon Ring Character skin mode was released and attracted attention. The 'The Ultimate Ellen Ring Mode Pack' is called this mode, "Weekly 7-user mode creator writing a nickname" Ultraboy "was released on the past 30 days (local standards). The mode is distributed through TEKKEN MODS (TEKKEN MODS) to distribute a number of stolen 7-user mode. The toner 7 characters were attracted to the skin mode in the main character of the main person in the main person. Looking closely, Taelen 7 Lydia said Melina, Kunimitsu Malnia, Kazumi was divided into Rani. In addition, the tiger to take Kazumi is the 'Torrent', which would be an Eldon ring. Then, he was a huge lobster, one of the Hay Hatch Eldon Ring Monste

Main actress for Fallout series is already from other video game

The Fallout series produced by Amazon is to have Ella Purnell as a main actress on board. Purnell is known video game fans, especially as Jinx from the Netflix series Arcane. In addition, Ella Purnell has noticed with wheels as in the series Yellowjackets or films like Army of the Dead of Zack Snyder Zack. Just Arcane enjoys great popularity and was a great success. The character whatever purnal is portrayed in the series is supposed to be hot and stuck full of energy. But the character could carry a dangerous secret according to the deadline report. Who is behind the fallout series? Fallout as a suitable template Who is behind the fallout series? The Fallout Amazon series is to be produced in 2022, among other things, Jonathan Nolan. Jonathan is not only the brother of the much more acquainted Christopher Nolan, but also one of the heads behind the series "Westworld". On board is Lisa Joy, also one from the Westworld team. The series is produced in cooperation with Be

According to reports, the cast of The Witcher reaches the shooting place of season 3

Recording of season 3 of The Brujo seems to be around the corner, since the stars Henry Cavill and Freya Allan have apparently arrived in Slovenia. This report comes from sources for Redanian intelligence, who have apparently seen the actors of Geralt and Princess Cloek in the country. If this turns out, it would confirm the previous reports of Redanian Intelligence about the shooting places this season, which will apparently take place in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. The medium previously reported that it believed that shooting would begin in Tirol del Sur, Italy, but it is possible that the plans will change during the preproduction of the Netflix series. As with any rumor, readers must take this cautious until we can get some kind of confirmation. However, it is worth noting that Redanian Intelligence has an excellent record with regard to The Brujo , and it seems a secure bet that the filming of season 3 should start in the near future. Unfortunately, Netflix has not announced

Elden Ring: From a feature, the fans are only disappointed

One month after the release of Elden Ring, players slowly made an overview of the huge Open World. A feature that the stained in the intermediate country can take advantage of disappointment rather than enthusiasm. Elden Ring: A feature is almost useless according to the fans ELDEN ring players hope for further updates from FromSoftware Elden Ring: A feature is almost useless according to the fans Elden ring is packed with weapons, magic and also armor. For the players who pay attention not only to defensive values, but also to fashion, from software even has built a special feature . With the help of cutter tools and sewing needle you can optically change your favorite pieces. At least theoretically. In the ELDEN-RING-SUBREDDIT, the user of Gilgameshwulfenbach notes that he had hoped much more from the feature. For example, he would have liked to adjust armor plates or the color changed. In reality, you can do virtually nothing on how to remove the shelves of some armor . As

Overwatch: Sponsors turn the back to Activision Blizzard

The scandal for systematic disadvantage and sexism seems to stop Activision Blizzard now expensive to stand. In a few weeks, a reboot of the Owatch League is scheduled in May. But these are currently missing all sponsors. The previous supporters like Kellogg, State Farm and Coca Cola have announced all contracts due to sexism allegations. New financiers are correspondingly careful and restrained. Even the telecommunications provider Comcast, at the same time the owner of the Overwatch team Philadelphia Fusion, had already briefed that there is no interest in sponsoring the league. The last event in North America is already a good two years because of the Covid pandemic. All the more important would be a great and successful event for Activision Blizzard and all associated persons. Surely you wanted to use the opportunity to promote the beta started in April from Overwatch 2. Addressed to the complete lack of sponsors, the new head of Overwatch League Sean Miller expressed: "

I have elden ring 2

SPOILER WARNING: Sadly, there can not be avoided in all subjects to elden ring spoilers. The short article defines just how you come to the dungeon and also what awaits you. I have currently thought about the preliminary: that can not be everything The method to the dungeon was during exactly before my nose (hidden). Elden Ring just hides the way to one of the biggest dungeons which's exactly how it must be. One of them is your home of volcano in which to combat against Royal prince Rykard. In my two passes, I located that it was dubious easy exactly how rapid I came to him. In exchange with my associate Marko Jevtic I have actually discovered: I simply have actually accidentally skipped the full dungeon of house volcano. The extent of the game globe ofelden ring is not knowledgeable about numerous gamers. Also Minemo-author Tarek Zehrer, which usually browses every angle, has just missed one of the largest dungeons in two passes. In the training course of the major tale o

FC Bayern: Very many clubs hot on Robert Lewandowski

The athletic future of Robert Lewandowski at Bayern is still open. Many clubs should therefore pursue the development in Munich exactly. Concrete, however, has previously found neither at FC Barcelona nor at Real Madrid, in Manchester or Paris. On Thursday, the Spanish newspaper "athletic future" in Causa Lewandowski once again leaned far out of the window and reported that the pole wanted to change to FC Barcelona in the summer. In the podcast "Bayern-insider" The "picture" it is said, this representation does not correspond to the facts. Although "very many clubs" are interested in the Polish exceptional facility, but still lounger Lewandowski from no club a contract. Also, nothing is "shortly before graduation," it says. The aim of FC Bayern continues to extend the contract with the world footballer. Corresponding calls with the superstar should be opened soon. It will also be the CEO Oliver Kahn, who made the contract extensio

The legendary unit "Ray" member is decided to implement the game "Lapis Relight"! During the pick-up gacha of the first shot Chloe (CV: Nanjo Hirano)!

KLAB Corporation and KADOKAWA Co., Ltd., Media Mix Project "Magic" x "Idol". It was decided that members of Ray "were implemented to the game. KLAB Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Morita Hobu, "KLAB") and KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President, Representative Director: Natsuno: Natsuno, "Kadokawa"), Magic "Mix" Idol "Media Mix Project" Lapis Relight-The Idol of this World is Magic ~ "(hereinafter referred to as" Lapis Relight "), a member of the legendary unit" Ray "is implemented in the game It was decided that. As the first, we will hold a summoning "Legend Summoner" where the UR card of Chloe (CV: Nanjo Vii) is newer than March 21 (Mon). In addition, we will inform you about various campaigns that commemorate the Ray implementation. # Ray Member Implementation decision! Chloe, UR card with elizer available! The implement

ADV Kebe Tower "Colossar Cave Adventure" revives in 3D remake in modern times! Development is an overseas graphic ADV Pioneer, Williams and Mrs.

Cygnus Entertainment releases the summer of 2022 for PC / Mac / Meta Quest 2 for 3D remake " COLOSSAL CAVE 3D Adventure " of Adventure Games " Corossal Cave Adventure ". Thank you. "Colossar Cave Adventure" is a text-based computer game launched in 1976 and is treated as a pioneer of genres of adventure games. Meanwhile, Cygnus Entertainment, who announced remake, is a company founded by Williams, Ken Williams, Roberta Williams), and the same and his wife worked with an adventure game "Mystery House" with graphics created at the beginning of the world. It is famous for that. According to the announcement, this work is a 3D adventure game that is a first person from the original, but the concept of searching for trawel and pirates, etc. By the way, according to Mr. Ken Williams, he said that when it was bored with Corona, I started to coded using the game engine Unity at an interest manager. "COLOSSAL CAVE 3D Adventure" will be rele

Gran Turismo 7: According to User Score the worst Playstation

Last week, the team of Polyphony Digital had to fight with some difficulties Gran Turismo 7 . An unexpected error after the publication of Update 1.07 ensured that the racing simulation had to go temporarily offline. From the planned maintenance of only a few hours, a downtime from over a day was short. Gran Turismo 7 only available available User score at Metacriti in the sink flight Review bombing no longer rarity Technology Wunder: LED Lightstrip for 75 euros makes TV picture much bigger Gran Turismo 7: Server online \ - players continue to disappoint and angry Gran Turismo 7 only available available Because the racing game in almost all game modes requires a permanent internet connection , the freshly published Playstation title was almost playable. Only the arcade mode could still be used. All other areas of Gran Turismo 7 - including campaigns - were not available. Meanwhile, the problem is fixed. What's behind, we have summarized in another article on the server f

Last chance: Samsung 4K

Only until tomorrow, Cyberport's so-called Green Week Sale , where you can also get even more tv cheaper for many other offers such as laptops, smartphones, SSDs or headsets. For example, the 4K TV Samsung TU6979 is particularly inexpensive with a proud 75 inch, which you already get for 729 euros. According to comparison platforms, cyberport is currently with a distance of the cheapest providers. For comparison: At Amazon, the model costs just 995.29 euros. Click here to go to Deal: Samsung TU6979 (4K, 75 inches) instead of 1.399 € for 729 € at Cyberport How good is the Samsung TU6979? Image: The Samsung TU6979 is a 4K TV already produced until 2021, but already 2020 published 4K TV. That he is already a bit older, is not bad, because since Samsung's 4K TVs the lower price range has not done too much. On Samsung's in-house quality index PQI, the TU6979 is equal to the Samsung AU7199 from 2021. The Samsung TU6979 offers a relatively good image quality for its pr

Hogwarts Legacy: Release-Termin, Gameplay

After a long wait and some teasers, the recent issue of "State of Play" finally gave a tangible information about the Open World Action Roleplay Hogwarts Legacy . In addition, the developers of Avalanche software made information on the ** release date in the context of the events. We summarize all the important details for you. When does Hogwarts Legacy appear? What awaits you in Hogwarts Legacy When does Hogwarts Legacy appear? As the developer team announced at "State of Play", the release of Hogwarts Legacy is planned for this year's Christmas time . A concrete date is not fixed. But it sounds at least after a publication in November or December 2022 . The game should appear for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. What awaits you in Hogwarts Legacy The developers of Avalanche software have declared "State of Play" that the players are looking forward to an Open World, who can explore themselves to their heart's content

Netflix: These films fly from the program in March

By the end of March 2022, numerous films must leave the program of Netflix again . So that you know which strips you should still catch up in the coming days, we will find a list with the appointments of the upcoming outgoing disposals. On March 31, a big momentum of film highlights must be adopted from the offer. Until then, among others, Cast Away - Vollus (2000), Catch Me IF You Can (2002), Dawn of the Dead (2004), the Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) and Chucky 3 (1991) are available on Netflix. Netflix: Lots of departures until the end of March Soon additional charges for account sharing? On the same day, for example, the continuous burners Kuck "times, who speaks 2 (1990), Total Recall (2012) and Vans - The Mission leave the bid. Soccer fans look at Ronaldo (2015) and the wonder of Bern (2009) until the end of March. In the next few days, however, strips such as Curtiz, Doctor Sleeps awaken and troy the program scissors to the victim. The list with the disposals can be fou

Blade & Soul: Changes your class now

Player of Blade & Soul , watched! With the update to "unleashed chaos", from 16 March 2022, the NCSoft Responsible offer a new service from which you can adapt the possibility to adapt the class of your character. Say: If your chosen fighting style does not have fun or if you want to try something new, but at the same time do not feel like restarting, then you can soon reinvent your character soon - including ethnicity and appearance. Limited availability Content of packages of class change Price and prerequisites Launch package of class change (1 x Pro Account) Package of class change (2 x per account) Limited availability Note that this service or the associated packages are only available for a limited time. * The Launch package of the class change is available from 16 to 23 March 2022. You can also use it after your purchase until April 13th. * The package of class change is available from 16 March to 6 April 2022. You have time to use it by April 13th.

Elden Ring: a player manages to finish the game in less than 29 min, here's how he did

Last born from Laboratoires fromSoftware, Elden Ring is a demanding game. Certainly, it is less complex than the previous productions of the Japanese studio, with gameplay elements that allow it to be a little more public, but it remains complicated, especially if we are not used to Die & Retry. Of course, each time with this kind of game, some players try to fart the records. This is the case of distortion2, a YouTubeur with 235,000 subscribers and who is a regular of the Speedruns. Since the release of the game, distortion2 multiplies attempts: 49'29 min, 37'15 min, 36'20 min, 33'55 and now 28'59 min, it is he who now holds the Record of Speedrun on Elden Ring. Obviously, to achieve such a result, you have to know the game by heart, have skill and also know all shortcuts to go to the basics, avoid unnecessary bosses and face the one who advance the story. Distortion2 is obviously not the only one to compete for the best Speedrun of the world on Elden Rin

The trailer of the film Sonic The Hedgehog 2 brings heat before the first of April

The first live Sonic movie does not look so far, but Paramount and Sega are preparing to unroll the red carpet for Sonic The Hedgehog 2. The Suite, which presents Tails (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) and Knuckles (Idris Elba In history, makes its debut in the cinemas on April 8, and the final trailer of the film has just released. The film follows where the first stopped. Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) returned, this time combined at the above-mentioned bright red frame, struggling for the control of an emerald of chaos. He will be incumbent on Sonic (Ben Schwartz), Tom (James Marsden) and the rest of his friends to stop the bad guys with the power of friendship, or something like that. It seems that it will be a more stuffing movie than the previous one, although the trailer shows that there will still be time for some wading jokes. In the related news, we just wanted to share this movie poster, echoing the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 pouch, as in the game Mega Drive: This should tickle th

So you clean the follower of your PS5 without jeopardizing the guarantee

Ogodeal Triwing Screwdriver Establish Compatible with Nintendo Switch Over T6 T8 T9 T10 Torx Screwdriver for PS5, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Controller, Change Lite, Joycon, Wii Repair Service Device Set *. Cleaning the PS5: You require it. Reinning the PS5: Step-by-Step Overview. With the screwdrivers I got a whole correct away as well as paid a little bit greater than 10, - EUR. But you can only purchase a solitary tool or a little bit - that goes to Amazon from 5, - EUR. Along with your contaminated console, you require a certain screwdriver. Otherwise, you can additionally utilize the cleaning product on your own solutions:. MeinMMO author Maik Schneider has for the very first time cleansed the follower of his PS5 of dust and shows you detailed and also with pictures, as you can conveniently do it on your own - without bringing the guarantee in threat. Cleaning the PS5: You require it. _ The implementation of cleansing happens in your own responsibility! We think no resp

The ideal tools for Call of Duty: Warzone - Tracker, SBMM, Defense

There are a few external Tools for Call of Duty: Warzone, which give you with fascinating understandings into your solutions, offer clear meta-lists or totally damages the values of the weapons. WZ Duplicates - Warzone SBMM Tool. Truegamedata - the Warzone Weapon Tool. WZ Ranked - The Weapons Charts. Warzone Tracker - The classic. Warzone Loadout - The Meta at a glance. MeinmMo introduces you the most effective tools with which your Incall of Duty: Warzone is pursuing your very own stats, maximized your weapons setups and recognizes brand-new patterns early. We intend to show you the most effective devices and explain the mymo-author Maik Schneider found during his work with Warz1. Click the device you want to view or scroll down simply: What can the device? The current device in this list gives clear meta data. The web page is manually upgraded everyday and also contains the current fads of the weapon meta. WZ Duplicates - Warzone SBMM Tool. Behind the site stands the Warzone

Eintracht Frankfurt lures attacker

Eintracht Frankfurt is currently experiencing a through-growing Bundesliga season. Especially in the offensive, the Hessen have problems. Due to this, the SGE obviously probably probes the transfer market and has become found in the Eredivisie. As reported "Frankfurt1", Eintracht Frankfurt intensively builds in Inigo Córdoba from the Go Ahead Eagles. The left outside is Athletic Bilbao, but is still borrowed to the end of the season at the Dutch first division. For the table twig, Córdoba has achieved ten mandatory goals so far this season. The appealing achievements of the 24-year-old allegedly arouse not only the interest of Eintracht Frankfurt. Accordingly, Real Sociedad also tries to the Spaniard. Last November, Córdoba was also associated with VfB Stuttgart and Hertha BSC. Whether the Bundesliga duo has continued the wing player on the note is not known. Eintracht Frankfurt with offensive problems Eintracht Frankfurt could definitely use reinforcement for the of

Halo Infinite-Roadmap

Halo Infinite had a bumpy start. So far, only the campaign and multiplayer have been released - the latter still has some problems such as the peeker advantage and a low ticket rate - with co-op and level building forge modes that were promised to come in later updates. But these promised updates did not even have a touch of ETA and the fans are frustrated. Already in November, Joseph Staten from 343 announced that a Halo Infinite Roadmap would arrive with plans for the progress of the title in 2022 in January. On the first of February, Staten tweeted that 343 "more time needed to complete our plans so that they can rely on what we share. This work has top priority for me, and we will publish an update as soon as possible. " It is now a month ago since Staten made this statement, three months since the start of the game campaign and for a long time since the multiplayer. Now many fans predict online that the second season of Halo Infinite will decide to delay: "Just