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The legendary unit "Ray" member is decided to implement the game "Lapis Relight"! During the pick-up gacha of the first shot Chloe (CV: Nanjo Hirano)!

KLAB Corporation and KADOKAWA Co., Ltd., Media Mix Project "Magic" x "Idol". It was decided that members of Ray "were implemented to the game.

KLAB Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Morita Hobu, "KLAB") and KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President, Representative Director: Natsuno: Natsuno, "Kadokawa"), Magic "Mix" Idol "Media Mix Project" Lapis Relight-The Idol of this World is Magic ~ "(hereinafter referred to as" Lapis Relight "), a member of the legendary unit" Ray "is implemented in the game It was decided that.

As the first, we will hold a summoning "Legend Summoner" where the UR card of Chloe (CV: Nanjo Vii) is newer than March 21 (Mon).

In addition, we will inform you about various campaigns that commemorate the Ray implementation.

# Ray Member Implementation decision! Chloe, UR card with elizer available!

The implementation of the legendary unit "Ray" has been decided on the game "Lapis Relight". From January 21 (Mon) 12:00, we will hold a summoning "Legend Summoner" where the UR card of Chloe (CV: Nanjo Aino), which will be the first.

The second summoned by UR Eliza is planned to be late March. Detailed schedule will be announced later at the official SNS.

You can enjoy various game campaigns that commemorate the Ray implementation.

# # # What is Ray?

The legendary unit that Walland Daiichi Woman and Eliza had a leader. Leave a number of achievements, and the name was a top witch.

# # Legend Summoner

"Legend Summoning" is a limited-time summon event, and this time, the UR card appearance rate of Chloe, which is a member of unit ray, limited time, improves this time. UR Chloe: [Conductor] can only be available in the legendary summoning, so don't miss it!

For more information, please refer to "Legend Summon" held.

[Holding period] March 21 (Mon) 12:00 to March 28 (Mon) 11:59

# # Legend Summoning Commemorative Special Login Bonus

During the campaign period, you can get luxurious rewards simply by achieving a total of 14 days of login. For more information, see "" Legend Summoning Commemorative Special Login Bonus ".

[Holding period] March 21 (Mon) 4:00 to April 6 (Wed) 3:59

"Material Quest" drop amount twice!

During the campaign period, the amount of material that drops when the material quest is cleared is usually doubled. Notice about details "" Material quest "drop amount twice! Please see "held.

[Holding period] March 21 (Mon) 4:00 to April 7 (Thu) 3:59

In addition, "legendary Summoning Commemorative Limited Issues" "Legend Summoning Held Memorial Pack Sales", etc. For more information on various game campaigns, see the information in the game.

※ The contents of the description may be changed without notice.

# Twitter campaign to commemorate Ray implementation is being held!

In commemoration of RAY implementation, we will hold a Twitter campaign to present items in-game items, depending on the number of RTs of the tweets. Application is complete just by RT of the applicable tweet! We look forward to your participation everyone.

# # "Ray implementation commemorative game item present campaign" overview

【Implementation period】
April 5 (Sun) 23:59

【way to participate】
1. 【Game】 Following Lapis Relight (Lapilly) official ( 2. Retweet the applicable campaign tweets 3. Distribute items in-game items according to the number of RTs achieved

【 Present】
500RT achievement Flora 300,000 1000RT Achievement Summon Ticket 4 sheets 2000RT Achievement SSR or more confirmation ticket 1 sheet

# From March 21 (Mon) appeared in Akihabara, "Lapiri" design advertisement and advertis track appeared!

We will carry out vision ads and advertis track driving in Akihabara for a period of time from March 21 (Mon) to March 27 (Sun) to commemorate the implementation of "Ray". When you fall near during the period, please check by all means! In addition, it is scheduled to expand advertising in the Seibu Smile Vision, which flows in the car of Seibu Shinjuku Line and Ikebukuro Line.

# # "Lapis Relight" Vision Advertising

[Publicated place] Radio Vision, Segabision Akihabara, AKIBA Big Multivision

【Post period】
March 21 (Mon) -February 27 (Sun) schedule

# # "Lapis Relight" Ad Truck

[Running area] Akihabara

[Traveling period]: March 21 (Mon) -February 27 (Sun) schedule

※ The image may be an image and may differ from the actual.

In addition, the game official site ( Game official Twitter ( will inform you of various new information about the "Lapis Renright" game. Please look forward to future follow-up.

# "Lapis Relight-The idol of this world can use magic ~"

"Lapis Relight" is a media mix project with "Magic" x "Idol". Anime comic novels, including various media, such as the world, and while being the same view of the same view, a slightly different stories (parallel world) have been drawn. The game "Lapis Relight-The world's idol uses magic ~", the player has a special power that has been incomingly in the different world, and as a visitor (Foliner), a girl who is called a girl called a witch in this world To spend at school as "teacher" from the school.

It is a teaching RPG who is a girl who is a girl who is called "witch" that is similar to the idol, is a girl who is a girl who is similar to the idol, which is similar to the idol.

# "Lapis Relight-The Idol in this World can use magic ~" Overview

Title Lapis Relight ~ The idol of this world can use magic ~ Corresponding OS IOS 11.0 and later, AndroidTM 5.0 or later ※ Even when the above conditions are satisfied Some terminals may not be available. Development RPG that causes genre witch (idol) and Kiseki ♪

■ Delivery start date December 14, 2021 ■ Play fee basic play free (in-app charge) ■ Official Twitter account @LapisRelights ■ Game official Twitter account @ lapi_staff ■ Official YouTube Channel / LapisRelights ■ Game official site ■ Abbreviation Lapirai ■ Download URL App Store (R) (iOS version) ■ Google PLAYTM (AndroidTM version) ■ Copyright notice (C) 2017 Klabgames (C) KADOKAWA CORPORATION 2017 (C) ShengQu Games


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