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Felix Magath: There are no excuses anymore

The insertion of Felix Magath at Hertha BSC lucky with the 3-0 against 1899 Hoffenheim, even if the new man had to move his debut because of a corona infection. But then there were two defeats, the 1: 4 last weekend at Derby against the 1st FC Union Berlin went to the fans not without a trace - these even demanded the players after graduation in the Olympic Stadium even to take off their jerseys.

on request of the team: Shared team evening

Top 5 Goals - Felix Magath

"We worked the events around the derby on Sunday and then no longer addressed," said Magath on Good Friday at the press conference to the away game on the Lake Kirls Day at FC Augsburg (15.30 clock). "We tried to forget the defeat and look forward." With one exception: On Wednesday evening, Magath reported, the team has met, eaten together and looked at the Champions League game between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City (0: 0). "The desire to put together, came from the team," said Magath. "Otherwise, we did not touch the topic anymore, but have focused on the upcoming tasks."

And these have it in themselves: because with the game in Augsburg start for Hertha the "weeks of truth", which will probably decide where the journey goes: After the guest match in Augsburg, Hertha receives the VFB Stuttgart on April 24th April 30 is the away game at Arminia Bielefeld. "We had the handicap that we played against very good teams," Magath looked back again on the first three games under his direction. From now on it goes against direct competitors in the relegation battle: "There are now opponents at eye level, there are no excuses anymore."

Already at the FCA, Magath expects opportunities. "I think the quality is not as high as at Union and that's why I see a game in which we can play along." But Augsburg has proven in the recent three games with two wins and a good performance despite the 0: 1 in FC Bayern, what it is capable of. "The results speak for themselves," said Magath, but even if the FCA is "Favorite, we do not want to return with empty hands."

Magath Setze on "Hope Promotion" Plattenhardt and its standards: "A very essential factor"

After all, Magath in the Fuggerstadt can reckon with Niklas strong and Marvin Plattenhardt. Especially on the latter Magath sets great hopes and reminded of the victory against Hoffenheim, "We have achieved all three gates to standards by him, so he is a very important factor." Plattenhardts standards, praised Magath, "are exceptionally good, so other defense series will have their problems." Magath gave Plattenhardt for Augsburg an emergency guarantee: "He is the hope."

Hope Magath also relies on a performance jump from Dedryck Boyata. His statement that Hertha has too few leaderships to Kevin-Prince Boateng have been particularly directed to the Belgian: "First and foremost our captain is called." Considerations to take away the bonds and to free him from a load, does not hang Magath. "Boyata is an excellent player who also plays on the right position and is therefore predestined for the office." Only so far, so Magath, Boyata presented himself as "too shy" for a captain that should lead to his players and his teammates. "But I hope he feels addressed."

Magath: "If the team does not get the support, it gets heavy"

And also on the support of the fans, Magath hopes and called the famosies 3: 2 victory of Eintracht Frankfurt on Thursday evening in the Europa League at FC Barcelona. "You have also seen how important the fans are," Magath said about the coup and appealed to their own followers: "In our situation, we need the support, it does not bring allegations to players in any kind of allegations. If The team does not get the support, it gets hard. "


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