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Scorn, the scary game with alien aesthetics, opens three new gameplays

Scorn returns to the load . The famous fear game inspired by alien hgame broken his silence to confirm that will arrive in October 2022 and share new Gameplays unpublished weapons centered and their role in the adventure. In a new blog published in Steam, its creators have thus referred to the current state of the project: "Production advances well. The goal is to have everything ended in June . Animations and visual effects are our greatest priority. From there the team will take care of solving the latest mistakes. We go to every machine to reach the launch of October and we are excited about the idea of teaching you sooner. " In relation to weapons, the team gamesured that although there is action, Scorn is not a shoter . Weapons are " An optional tool " to progress. They will be egameily recognizable by their shape (guns, shotguns... etc.) and will work in a standard way, game they would do in any other SPFs, but here they are also designed to comm

SW Essen beats SSVG Velbert: 1. FC Bocholt is master

In the 2nd half you tried a whole lot. "In the end it was an unfortunate defeat for us," stated the instructor. Kimbakidila scored the only goal of the day for the hosts (45th) soon prior to the break. In the second round, the house team missed the 2nd goal numerous times. The narrow lead held due to the fact that Duschke's conclusion simply kissed the internal article quickly prior to the end. Already on Saturday afternoon the ETB Schwarz-Weiß Essen paved the means for Bocholt and also hit the most awful competitor SSVG Velbert before 400 viewers. Bocholt makes use of the steep design template In the 2nd round, the house team missed the second objective a number of times. Due to the fact that the Winking team confidently made use of the white and also black high theme, led against TSV Meerbusch 4-0 at the break and also brought the title in the second round easily according to residence final rating. Appropriately, after the last whistle, the delight of the new r

How to be born in New Jersey in Bitlife

As part of the recent Creeper by the Dozen test in Bitlife, you have to create a male character from New Jersey. Although it is easy to create a male character on a user screen, many players cannot choose New Jersey as a place of birth due to the lack of states. So, in order to create a male character from New Jersey, you will need to choose United States as your country and Newark as a city of your birth. As the capital of New Jersey, Newark falls under the jurisdiction of New Jersey indirectly completing the task. Where is New Jersey in Bitlife? As mentioned earlier, you need to choose a Newark from the list. To do this, follow these steps. Open the option of setting user life when creating a new life. Select the "male" as the initial sex and the "USA" as a country. Look for Newark on a long list of cities. It should be present somewhere between New York and Odland. * Starting your life, you should see that the first goal in Creeper by the Doze

No joke: We write the year 2022 and Skyrim appears again

We are in 2022. All platforms were occupied by Skyrim. All platforms? No! Some isolated game consoles have not yet had every single edition of the role -playing game published in 2011 in their shop. The resistance made is bitter, but at some point the bravest game library to death must be beaten. Skyrim, ESO, Doom: Mega discounts at Bethesda Easter sale only the dollar counts: the greatest acquisitions in gaming history Skyrim Anniversary Edition probably also appears for Nintendo Switch Skyrim Anniversary Edition probably also appears for Nintendo Switch This fate is now also suffering from the very popular Nintendo Switch. For the tenth birthday of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim in 2021, Bethesda released a special Anniversary edition, which, among other things, brought a fishing system into the game. The edition also includes all three published DLCs and some additional content. So far, this edition has not been published for the Nintendo Switch, but as the Switch Brasil site dis

Ubisoft brings its own gaming service to PlayStation consoles-plenty of titles for the renewable PS Plus

Ubisoft is bringing its monthly payment Ubisoft+to PlayStation consoles. Ubisoft has previously said it will bring its own gaming service to Xbox masks, so now it is a Sony product family. Although it is a separate service, Ubisoft's Classics-status games will also be seen in the Extra and Premium level range of PlayStation Plus members. Of these, definitely the most famous and at the same time the latest is the Viking Adventure Sassin's Creed Valhalla . Listed below all Ubisoft+ Classics titles, which are available to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members as soon as the service starts on June 22nd: Assasin's Creed Valhalla For Honor The Crew 2 Child of Light Eagle Flight FAR CRY 3: Blood Dragon FAR CRY 3 Remaster Far cry 4 _ Legendary fishing_ RISK: Urban Assault South Park: The Fractured But Whole South Park: The Stick of Truth Space junkies Star Trek: Bridge Crew Starlink: Battle for Atlas Steep The Crew The Division Trackmania turbo Tra

Update for PS4 & PS5: You can expect that from the new firmware

The PS4 and PS5 were supplied by Sony with new firmware. In the past, the new system software often unlocked cool new functions-this time, however, only a well-known classic can be found in the changelogs. New update for PS4 & PS5 improves system performance so you make your PS4 Pro really faster New update for PS4 & PS5 improves system performance While Sony recently released an update for the PS4 and the PS5, which brought some practical new functions, the latest system update for the two consoles is somewhat underminating. If you take a look at the official changelogs, you will recognize that the update is officially only improving the system performance of PS4 and PS5 ** (source: PS4 update choir / PS5-update choir). Although there are no significant changes, you have to install the new firmware if you want to continue to use the network functions. For PS4 players, the update is about 470 MB in size, but PS5 users have to download a little more than 1 GB **. Even

Hayden Christensen, excited with his return to the Star Wars universe after almost 20 years

The series starring Obi Wan Kenobi that will be releStar Warsed at the end of this month in Disney + supposes the return of one of the most important characters in the universe, or at leStar Warst one of its interpreters. Hayden Christensen, who will play Anakin Skywalker -to the dessert Darth Vader \ -in the second trilogy of Star Wars, returns to the galactic saga after a later race far from being outstanding, a return for which he hStar Wars been delighted. Set ten years after the events seen in Episode III: The revenge of the Sith , in this series we will see a Christensen already characterized Star Wars the most popular villain of the Star Wars saga, having left Anakin behind. It hStar Wars been 17 years since the lStar Warst time he wrapped Darth Vader's suit, which wStar Wars not precisely comfortable, but despite this, he seems to have enchanted him to put him in the skin of this antagonist. "He wStar Wars surreal. It's an incredible suit, and put it agai

Pokémon fans have wanted a very special feature for over 25 years

The Pokémon games have been inspiring millions of players for over 25 years. In all this time, the games have changed properly-but a feature still lacks thousands of fans: the opportunity to lead your own Pokémon-Arena. which feature is missing? Community already leads arenas in real life can you win these fights? which feature is missing? Pokémon fans have many ideas about what gaming elements would upgrade the up to date . On the one hand, a large number wants the complete Pokédex back, on the other hand there would also be a pocket monster, a completely open world and a higher level of difficulty. But also the end game, after becoming champion, should offer more than before. In a post on Reddit, User Rock2742 writes about his personal wish: he wants to be an arena leader. Perform your own gym once - choose the type of the arena, put together a suitable team of strong Pokémon and compete against various aspiring trainers. To the reddit post At the latest after Rubin and

Redout 2: the race of the future is soon

Friends fans of Wipeout and F-Zero, your futuristic race fix is coming very soon. Redout II is indeed listed for May 26 on Switch, PC, but also Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as its publisher, Saber Interactive confirms today. The 34bigthings project is articulated around 36 distinct circuits, and therefore double with the mirror effect, available on a solo campaign and a multiplayer to practice up to 12 simultaneously (6 on Switch). Several variants are planned to expand the career mode, between arena races, against the watch, last man standing to stay the last on track, but also boss races. Since we stay on a racing game, even at more than 1000 km/h, you will have to choose from the 12 distinct chassis and the many customizable elements, which range from propellants to rudder, passing through the wings, the engine, coolers and so on. The soundtrack will go and draw from the tenors of the genre, quoting Giorgio Moroder, Dance with the Dead and Zardonic among the selected artists.

Le SSD NVMe compatible PS5 Samsung 980 Pro en promo

Whether to propel a gaming machine or to extend the storage of a freshly acquired PS5, the SSD is a must for all gamers. At the moment, the SSD NVME M.2 PCIe Gen 4 Samsung 980 Pro is on sale at Amazon, at € 153.49, in its livery with thermal dissipator, the top for the PS5. All info on the PS5 The right plan What alternative? The right plan Samsung 980 Pro... Samsung 980 Pro... Amazon 153.49 Amazon Marketplace 181.00 Cdiscount Marketplace 198.03 Marketplace 199.75 Grosbill 202.39 Rakuten 210.74 Shopping street 213.00 Cdiscount 214.98 225.90 LDLC 227.90 239.99 239.99 Amazon 280.90 Cdiscount Marketplace 304.98 Amazon Marketplace 309.77 Marketplace 312.49 319.99 Rakuten 337.53 Shopping street 337.85 Cdiscount 343.98 399.99 406.90 LDLC 407.90 429.99 Inducted with the PS5 , the SSD NVM