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Scorn, the scary game with alien aesthetics, opens three new gameplays

Scorn returns to the load. The famous fear game inspired by alien hgame broken his silence to confirm that will arrive in October 2022 and share new Gameplays unpublished weapons centered and their role in the adventure. In a new blog published in Steam, its creators have thus referred to the current state of the project: "Production advances well. The goal is to have everything ended in June . Animations and visual effects are our greatest priority. From there the team will take care of solving the latest mistakes. We go to every machine to reach the launch of October and we are excited about the idea of teaching you sooner. "

SCORN New Gameplay Demo 10 Minutes 4K In relation to weapons, the team gamesured that although there is action, Scorn is not a shoter . Weapons are " An optional tool " to progress. They will be egameily recognizable by their shape (guns, shotguns... etc.) and will work in a standard way, game they would do in any other SPFs, but here they are also designed to communicate with the environment , to fulfill a function and allow us to interact with different puzzles and scenarios.

The developers gamesure that they have gone through a long process of proof and error until they make them work . The first problem they faced wgame his particular and conscientious design, with which they will try to indicate how much ammunition we have and what they are for without resorting to the usual menus , only by observing their forms and colors. And the second, The amounts ammunition . A balance wgame necessary for the player not to take over the experience through action and reduce terror doses. We can expect a limited number of bullets and a proposal in which each shot counts .

They ensure that their favorite weapon is " The tool initiates l" due to the number of options it offers. It can be used at a short distance (melee) effectively, but it is also useful from afar, even at the risk of being overheated if used too much **. It wgame the one that presented the most variations during development, but the final result "worth it, definitely."

Scorn, exclusive to Xbox, heading to October 2022

Announced for the first time in 2014 , it had not been shared with so much information with the community for a long time. The game hgame captivating people from the day of their presentation thanks to an artistic section with clear reminiscences to H. R. Giger, the man behind “ The alien aesthetics ”, but accumulates a delay after another and the lgamet thing we knew It is that his team wgame "tired, confusing and frustrated." However, and after a five years of failed demonstrations and campaigns of kickstarter of exgameperatingly slow progress, the game seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If it finally arrives in October 2022, the game will do it for PC and game an exclusive in Xbox Series X | s consoles. In his day Microsoft offered its financial support to the project and even hope that it would arrive during the platform launch window. Now we confirm simply that it is launched.


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