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Two Point Hospital for Croquembos

Croquambush is the most difficult hospital that you will face in the Two Point hospital, as this is the last hospital. In this leadership there are all the details that will help you on your trip to Croquembos, including star targets, staff tips and step-by-step guides.

Hospital with two points, the best layout for Croquembos

For the layout, you must build one room that serves two goals, for example, in this case, psychiatry and DNA laboratories. And to increase the number of jokes and patients, build new rooms in the new building for this.

This layout will help you effectively expand, effectively controlling the growing number of patients. As for the layout of the main corps, as in other hospitals, it should consist of general practitioners and study rooms.

Star target Croquambush

1-star hospital


  • Cure 250 patients
  • Cure speed 70%
  • Reputation 70%
  • Hospital cost 2,500,000 US dollars


  • 10,000 dollars
  • K100

2-star hospital


  • Cure 500 patients
  • Cure speed 80%
  • Reputation 80%
  • The cost of the hospital is 5,000,000 US dollars


  • $ 20,000
  • K150

3-star hospital


  • Cure 1000 patients
  • Cure speed 90%
  • Reputation 90%
  • The cost of the hospital is 10,000,000 US dollars


  • 30,000 dollars
  • K200

Croquembouche staff training tips

To do this, you need a training room, and the number of employees who can be trained depends on how many tables inside the room. You must choose qualifications on the screen, send employees to the rooms and appoint a coach to the group.

By pressing the start button, the training will begin. An additional fee of 10,000 US dollars per experience is charged for the invited coach. If the coach is a full-time employee, the fee is not charged.

CROCEMBUSH: How to manage the moral spirit of staff

Good conditions and simple rules can contribute to the highly moral spirit of staff. For their moral spirit, it is useful to have access to clean rooms with healthy food and drinks. It is important to ensure regular breaks and decent wages to employees.

Croquembouche The staff can work more efficiently when the hospital is clean, well designed and pleasant temperature. Placing beds and jewelry in prestigious rooms can be profitable.

How to manage the reputation of Croquembouche

Managing the reputation of this hospital is very simple. All you need to do is start working with specific diseases. This will help you attract more patients. As new patients arrive, your reputation will also grow.

Passage Croquambush

Do not increase the level of your hospital until you get a good monthly profit, at least $ 40,000. Spend time to plan and imagine how your hospital will look. If you inspect all expanded areas, you will notice that your main site is not the closest to the street, which means that you should expand in the direction of the street and do not forget to build a helicopter site. Hiring more staff than you need is a good idea, so you will have staff when you build additional rooms.

Perhaps you have completed all tasks except Cure Rate. In such a situation, you can do several things: update your cars, teach your personnel treatment, make sure that your patients will not die before they receive treatment, and, in extreme cases, send all your patients home and micro-government to them, so that the necessary part Patients will be cured.


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