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V rising: iron ore guide-so your iron farms

In our iron ore guide to V Rising you can find out:

  • In which region there is a lot of iron ore
  • Which tool you need to dismantle
  • How your iron bar produces

Without iron ore you can make a sensible equipment and an impressive castle. We show you how you get as much iron as possible.

Which equipment do I need to reduce iron ore?

To dismantle iron ore you need so-called merciless copper weapons . These are improved forms of normal copper weapons, which you cannot produce without the corresponding recipe.

As a random loot from opponents , you get the recipe for merciless copper weapons 28 to 32. ** Alternatively, you unlock the recipe at the research table by collecting enough paper. However, you cannot choose which recipe you get at the research table. Therefore, the fastest way to actively search for level 28 to 32 opponents is.

Where can I find iron deposits on the map?

Iron is one of the rarer resources in V Rising. There are some smaller deposits in Dunley Ackerland and in the cursed forest . We marked the iron deposits in the cursed forest on the screenshot below.

If you want to make really fat prey, the Guese Eisenmine visits Dunley Ackerland. Here you will find enough iron to build a small castle. But be careful: the mine is haunted by opponents to level 30 to 35 and very strong bosses such as the skeleton commander.

We have drawn the haunted mine and other iron deposits for you on the screenshot.

Avoid the mine until you have reached at least arms level 35. It is even better if you have already forged iron armor and have a armor level of 40 or higher . Excursions into the mine are dangerous, but you can stuff your bags with iron ore in a very short time.

how do I make iron bars?

So that you can make iron bars from iron ore, you need a recipe. You get the recipe for the production of iron bars from the V Blood Quincy the Bandite King . Quincy has a armor level of 37 and should therefore only be tackled by you if you have a similarly high armor level. In addition, you get a recipe for the iron smithy and for iron weapons.

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With the melting furnace you can melt iron ore and turn into iron bars. However, since the manufacturing process takes about four minutes and you only get a bar for 20 iron ore , it is worth investing in upgrades for the melting furnace at an early stage.

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