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World of Warcraft Classic: The best addons for Vanilla, TBC and Wotlk

In our guide to the best addons in WoW Classic you can find out: Among other things:

The * What addons are and how they give you an advantage * How you can install addons * Which addons are particularly useful for which role

In our guide to classes & professions in WoW Classic, we showed you which class suits you. With the addons that we introduce to you in this guide, you can change your gaming experience and play your role even better. It is best to combine all of this with our extensive WoW Classic tips for beginners and advanced.

If you are undecided what you should do about World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic during the preparation patch, then we have 7 things you can do during the pre-patch.

What are addons and how do you work?

Addons are modifications, Expand your game to (comfort) functions and improve your gaming experience. These programs are not provided by Blizzard, but by third parties. They are adapted to the World of Warcraft interface and programmed accordingly.

Are addons for WoW Classic forbidden?

Blizzard expressly allowed the use of these third-party programs. Anyone who uses addons risk no block of his account . In individual cases, however, it can happen that the functions of individual aid programs are restricted in WoW Classic from Blizzard, for example at the Addon ClassicLFG. In this case, a previous discussion of the community was decisive, in which the addon was criticized in many ways.

But even the use of such addons does not lead to an account. The developers will only adapt the technical interface of World of Warcraft, so that the functionality of the add-on in WoW will no longer be given. The situation is different with executable programs that run next to the game client and have an impact on the game, for example by automating actions. In this case, the use is not allowed and can lead to a blocking of your game account .

WOW Classic: Here you get addons

The biggest platform for World of Warcraft Adds is Cureeforge. In addition to around 300 addons for WoW Classic, you will also find 6,800 other modifications for all other versions of the game. An alternative to Curseforge is Warcraftaver. There you will only find the most common addons.

How to install Addons in WoW Classic as well as TBC Classic and Wotlk Classic

Download the current version of the desired add-this can be found in the Blizzard Launcher, directly under the Play button. As a rule, addons are offered for download in a ZIP or rar file. You need a corresponding program to unpack these file formats.

Unpack the file into the installation directory of the game, which is precise path: World of Warcraft/Classic/Interface/Addons. If it looks like in our picture in the Addons folder, you only have to activate the installed addon in the game . In the game selection, click on the Addons button. Sets a check mark on the desired add-on and activates it. In this way you can also see which addon is outdated and an update needs.

If the manual installation is too cumbersome for you, Cursory app uses Windows, MacOS or Linux. With this you can make the setup and update of all addons . You can search and install more addons via the search function or the Get more addons.

In the meantime, the functions of the Cursory app are no longer integrated in the Twitch app -that is, you can no longer use the Twitch app to manage your addons. (As of 02.09.2022).

WOW Classic: The best addons for every role part 1


While you usually have to open every bag individually, Bagnon merges your bags into a single large bag. The Addon Bagnon also implements a search function in your pocket view. Your bank subjects also benefit from this pocket fusion . On top of that, you can set the transparency of the pocket window and change the position.


Atlaslootclassic is a practical database over almost every item in your game. If you want to experience the drop chance of a certain object or see the possible prey of a raid boss, Atlaslootclassic is the right add for you. You can also set up a favorite list with which you keep an eye on your wishes.


Bartender4 expanded and individualized your interface . With the Addon Bartender4, the standard interface hides and adds up to ten promotional strips. There is also a bar for bags, a campaign bar for the PET and a bar for experience and call points. All elements that add with Bartender4 can be changed in size, width and transparency. You can also take every place in your strips with shortcuts.

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RECOUNT lets you make evaluate and post the evaluation in the chat. This includes values such as damage, suffered damage, healing and more. Recount not only evaluates your values, but also that of your group members. So you can compare yourself with your group.


Details are an addon that takes on the same job as recount. There you can display and evaluate your caused damage, the healing or the damage suffered. This also applies to your teammates.

Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods is particularly important for players who want to play dungeons & raids. You will receive colored and acoustic messages , which, for example, warn you of an ability that your opponent is using. You also get an overview of upcoming boss attacks. If you are in a harmful area effect, you will be warned.


Using your Questlogs, Questie adds corresponding symbols to your map. This allows you to quickly see whether there are quests ** nearby. You can also see the addon where you can complete quests. So if you don't want to search forever, Questie is essential.

WOW Classic: The best addons for every role part 2

Vendor Price

Vendor Price extends the tooltip and shows a information about the sales price of an object at the dealer. This is particularly useful for quest rewards, since the price difference in the items is often several gold pieces. In this way, mucking out is easier.


Attune gives you an overview of various important quest series. In Burning Crusade Classic, this helped to cope with the countless access quests for the heroic dungeons and raids, such as Karazhan. In Wrath of the Lich King Classic you can unlock various quest lubs and the raid The Eye of Eternity.

Real Mob Health

In WoW Classic you will not receive any exact information about the residual life points ** of an opponent. Real Mob Health changes this and integrates an exact number in the life point beams, which corresponds to the remaining health of the living being. This works for both Raid bosses and PvP players.

The add-on recognizes your damage and, based on the change in the health beam, calculates the remaining life points. In addition, it communicates with other players who also use the add-on and exchanged collected data . So you can see the life points of opponents that you have not yet fought against.

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What’s training?

With what’s training? Hold your magic book information about skills that the class teacher could teach you at the time. If you are currently in the deepest Tanaris, the add-on will help you estimate whether the way to the capital is worthwhile. The costs are also displayed in advance.


Admittedly, the World of Warcraft Classic interface is not one of the prettiest in the MMO world. Immersion Nevertheless the dialog display and brings it to a modern level. If you don't feel like reading the dialogue, you can also end it faster with immersion.

Gathermate 2 Classic

With Gathermate you can efficiently farm resources with your collecting professions. The Addon marks the locations of herbs or ores on the menu. So you can think of your own farm routes and soon swim in raw materials.

LFG Group Bulletin Board

Since there is no automatic dungeon finder in World of Warcraft Classic and the tool provided by Blizzard is hardly used, the community has rescheduled with the LFG Group Bulletin Board. The small program filters the search-after group chat channel for group searches and clearly shows you in your own window. With the help of a click on the name of the seeker, you can apply for a group in no time.

all the things

The comprehensive addon all the things does exactly what the name says. It shows you all the mounts, titles, successes, quests and much more in their own window. This keeps you the overview if, for example, you want to complete a certain success or get a rare mount

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With World of Warcraft: Classic, the economy at the time also found its way into modern times. Gold is rare, which makes it all the more important to sell existing items for a good course in the auction house. Auctioneer supports you and never lets you buy objects overpriced again.

Auctioneer extends the standard interface of the auction house and adds another window to the tooltip of objects. In this you can find out the sales price of the item in the auction house, for example. This value results from the data that auctioneer collects in the auction house. For more precise values you can instruct the addon to scan the entire auction house stock.

The scan takes a few minutes, but with regular repetition brings reliable data to average prices from items. In this way, market fluctuations can be recognized and better estimated whether an item could not be sold at a later date with more profit.

In the separate sales window, auctioneer shows the current prices of the object that you want to offer. With appropriate settings, the sales price is automatically adjusted , so that the lowest offer is always undercut by two percent. There is a detailed guide to the addon on in English.

the best addons for healers in WoW Classic


With the Addon Vuhdo you as a healer keep an overview of the raid or your group. Vuhdo offers you a own interface that you can adjust individually. Each player in your group/your raid is shown as a small tile.

If you hold your cursor over a player, your healing spokes will be done directly on him. Vuhdo can be used as an independent addon, but it only unfolds its full effect in the combination with the addon clique.


With Clique you bind your skills to your mouse buttons and keyboard. For example, it can be adjusted that a healing magic is acted when your Ctrl + right mouse button presses.

If you apply this to the tiles of the Addon Vuhdo, get the maximum out of both addons. This allows you to heal the players **, who have very few life points. If you configure Vuhdo so that negative effects such as curses or poisons are displayed, you can also remove these effects with the help of the two addons.

the best addons for tanks in WoW Classic


The Addon Omnicc visualizes the analogous display of covers for a digital display. In combination with Deadly Boss Mods, tanks can plan the use of their most important skills, for example.


The Addon Weakauras2 Classic gives you the opportunity to display almost everything in the game in a way you want. With WEKAURAS2 Classic you can, for example, display covers . You can also display important from unimportant effects separately. This applies to positive and negative effects. Missing strengthening spells from other players are also issued.

Or you create an advertisement that enlightens you about players who hardly have mana. Weakauras2 Classic is such an extensive add-on ** that pages like have been created. This page can be downloaded from this page and then imported into the addon, so that you do not have to create any new ads yourself.

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