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Com2us baseball game, this year's cumulative sales exceeded 100 billion won

[ Moon Byung-soo] Come's HBO and MLB licensed baseball game lineup achieved 100 billion won in sales this year. This is the figure that broke the annual record in 2021 in 10 months. Comes (CEO Song Jae-won, Lee Johan) revealed the figures on the 31st and explained that the average monthly sales rose more than 20% compared to last year. The Comes baseball game lineup recorded a monthly sales record of about 13 billion won in April. In particular, Comes baseball games showed nearly half sales not only in Korea but also in the US, Japan, and Taiwan, which are popular baseball countries. In fact, Come's baseball game series, such as' Com2S Pro Baseball '(Comfort Ya),' MLB9 Innings', and 'OLTP' (OLTP)' Posted a name on the top chart. According to Data. Ai, a data and analysis platform, 'Celaya 2022' is recorded as the HBO game with the highest sales ranking among game sports genres this year. 'Comp ya V22', which was launched in Apr

Sané back in team training

Sunday started with good news for Nagelsmann and Bayern: Leroy Sané returned to team training as intended after his muscular tissue fiber tear and broadens the workers alternatives for the battle with Inter Milan. It remains to be seen for the time being whether the Seine, which is so effective for the starting eleven or is presented as a joker before his injury, is to be seen. Seine has collected solid 15 marker points in the competitive games this period, spread over nine goals as well as six assists. Nagelsmann does not conceal a total turning against Inter, the substitute bank is currently not so quantitatively extravagant. We will certainly transform a little, but we have to see and also wait what will take place in the following 2 days. For a break, Matthias de Ligt, who remained in the cabin with thigh issues versus Mainz at halftime. Khan: It will be all, yet not a relaxing friendly video game Board boss Oliver Khan is certain: Those that will play versus Inter want to win

Ideal rifle in Modern Warfare 2

Marksman rifles, on the various other hand, are more versatile as well as enable fights to both average and also lengthy range. These weapons-many of which can be discovered in our best contemporary War 2 weapons-often have semi-automatic fire. best rifle in Modern Warfare 2 SP-R 208 LM-S What is the the finest rifle in Modern Warfare 2 ? If you wish to scare the adversary team with a one-hit kill tool, after that you will possibly have a look at one of the numerous snipers and also sniper rifles in the game. While sniper rifles practically definitely eliminate a person with a solitary shot, they are big, large weapons that have many various other constraints. However, what are the most effective rifle in Modern War 2 and just how do you establish them? Here are our recommendations. best rifle in Modern Warfare 2 The very best rifle rifles in Modern War 2 are: The LM-S originates from the extremely preferred Eichmann system as well as offers unparalleled precision for long-dista

Overwatch 2: Halloween

When does the Halloween occasion 2022 start? Overwatch 2 commemorated its release on October 4th as well as despite the brief time, Snowstorm likewise prepared you a Halloween event. There is additionally a Halloween occasion so that gamers are amused in the scariest time of the year. We reveal you when the occasion begins, which skins you can expect as well as which setting can be ripped off soon. The news was advertised in the short season trailer as well as dated an occasion from October 25th to November 8th, 2022. Frankenstein's revenge as well as his crowd mode must return as well as with it a few cool skins as well as rewards. _ Hear once more the short trailer from Overwatch 2 Season 1: _ everything regarding the skins, benefits as well as the time-limited setting There is not yet much learned about the revitalized mode, yet the marketing picture assumes that you have to compete against a crowd loaded with fatal robotics, the so-called Comics. Blizzard will certainly

Citizen Wickedness Village: A lot storage room needs the winter months

According to PlayStation Video Game Size, the winter expansion for Homeowner Evil Village will be 6.997 GB on Twitter. With 6.75 GB, the Xbox Store specifies a likewise moderate worth. So you do not need to fret about storage monitoring. With the expansion that will be released on October 28, Cap com includes the third-person mode, the mercenary dependency missions as well as the story of regarding 4 hrs. The winter months' expansion can be pre-ordered for EUR 19.99 and also is component of the gold version that appears on the same day. * Homeowner Evil: Village Gold Edition-49.99 euros * Citizen Wickedness: Village Winters expansion-19.99 euros

NBA News - Draymond Green goes back to the Warriors in Fair: Leave the past behind us

We have had discussions concerning what we have to do to continue with each other. And also we will implement that, said Eco-friendly. We will leave the past behind. The 32-year-old specified that he was much more emotionally solid after his break. Prior to he returned on Thursday, which was apparently approved by the gamers as well as swimming pools, he kept away from the team for several days so that the damaged injuries heal, and also he could service himself. Formerly, he had actually asked forgiveness for the activity and also specified his very own psychological issues as one of the reasons for the freak. The training on Thursday was described by Green as well as Head Coach Steve Kerr as Service as Usual. It has to do with seeing to it that our camaraderie is still right, said Environment-friendly. You can see it when you bet teams with great chemistry... if not, then they are simple to crack. If you have a good camaraderie, you can survive everything. When Green team-mate J

Elden Ring: Information on brand-new backyard and also raytracing discovered

Yesterday another update for Elden Ring was released, with which various modifications were made. Including a different modification of the damage in the PVP. We have the information and patch notes for the update here for you. In the fresh files of the upgrade, clues were discovered that indicate a new card or area in role-playing. With the name M20 as well as M45, new ID names appeared that can not currently be appointed as recognized locations. The user Zulliethewitch, that first uncovered the info as Dark Hearts Cyberpunk, created that it could be a heritage dungeon on M20. The ID M45 is so much from the previous IDs that a brand-new upper world and therefore a possible DLC might be hidden behind it. Sennouutantei found entrances in the video game that indicate the support of Ray tracing.

What is an Istari in the rings of power? Answered

Nor's faith in The Stranger is worth again at the end of The Rings of Power when he uses his magic to save some Harpoons. Before his destruction, the figures dressed in white call him Star. Here is everything you need to know about What is an Star in Rings of Power . Is an Star a wizard in rings of power? All Star in the Lord of the Rings Is an Star a wizard in rings of power? As the program reveals later, Star means wise or magician in English, which means that The Stranger is now firmly in the field of the good and that someone else must be Sauron. The Stranger decides to go Run to learn more about magic and its identity. Although they killed SADC, people dressed in white help The Stranger reveal that Run is the location of the stars he has been looking for. All Star in the Lord of the Rings The trilogy of The Lord of the Rings presents three magicians: Gandalf, Radars and Truman. The Stranger is supposed to be Gandalf, with his connection with the hobbits (Harpoons) and l

Lol: Gumayusi proves to be fit in these Worlds and sweeps alone with Lucian

The World League of Legends Championship gives us many reasons to make us happy, beyond the competition and official matches. The one that the best players on the planet are in the same place training wonderful things like the Champions, an exclusive training server in which we have entertainment of the highest level at all times. Humayun against the world Solo Fanatic was able to cancel it It is not that these cracks do not play Solo during the rest of the year, rather, but at this time all eyes are put on them. What this is doing is that videos of authentic crushes appear daily. Incredible plays that put our hair on end because of the enormous quality of the best professionals of League of Legends. Humayun against the world It has been a while since the irruption of Humayun in T1 eSports . After taking the position of a historic like Teddy, he has become the spearhead in many compositions of the South Korean team. From the first appearances of him we could already appreciat

Electronic Arts launches its new PC app

Electronic Arts has finally launched its new client for PC under the name of EA app , a program that has left its open beta phase to be able to be used in its final version. In the case of Windows, this app will serve as a substitute for the old Origin, although Mac users will continue to use the previous one as launcher main. Although Origin is still operational, they have already confirmed that the replacement with the new program as the main platform is imminent, with a client that they define as the fastest and light to date. With its redesigned appearance to be simpler (now it comes to resemble others such as Epic Games or Ubisoft), they explain that it will now be easier to find games and content while we furrow the platform, added to the addition of automatic downloads and updates in second flat. They also highlight the possibility of linking our Electronic Arts account with those of Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network to be able to add our friends on these platf

Who is the monastery in Destiny 2? Knowledge, actor actor and much more!

The monastery broke stereotypical ideas about what a guard is when he first appeared in Destiny 2. In many ways, this was due to the fact that he was not a guard, but simply a bearer of light. Despite the fact that shortly after his appearance he caused disagreements, the monastery turned into a faithful ally of the guard and over the years he offered more and more support. Let's shed a little light on this mysterious character and his motives. The Secret of the Wanderer in Destiny 2 voices Todd Haber corn , the monastery-one of the oldest bearers of light in the history of Destiny. Initially, he was chosen his ghost in the Dark Ages and ordered to go in the direction of the last city. The monastery, always the opposite, went in the opposite direction and countless times died of hunger only so that his ghost revived him. In the end, the monastery came to a small village in the east. Keeping his light and ghost in secret, he will do everything possible to provide the inhabitants

Free October 2022 on PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Amazon Prime Gaming and Google Stadia Pro

The month of October begins and there is no better way to fight the first rains and cold afternoons of autumn than with a new free games batch for the mere fact of being subscribed to PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Amazon Prime Gaming or Google Stadia Pro. The month of October includes proposals of all kinds and condition to make time until the great Halloween sales and the launches of the end of the year, among which are the most anticipated games of 2022 . Transporting other worlds a solution to ghosts, witches and continuous nights without tricks or deals that we have in it. Here are all the games that you can exchange in October 2022. Free PS Plus games in October 2022 Free Xbox Gold games in October 2022 Free Amazon Prime Gaming games in October 2022 Free Google Stadia Pro games in August 2022 Free PS Plus games in October 2022 Well, okay, maybe October 2022 is not going to go down in history because it is the month that h given us the best games for PS4 and PS5, but no