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Who is the monastery in Destiny 2? Knowledge, actor actor and much more!

The monastery broke stereotypical ideas about what a guard is when he first appeared in Destiny 2. In many ways, this was due to the fact that he was not a guard, but simply a bearer of light. Despite the fact that shortly after his appearance he caused disagreements, the monastery turned into a faithful ally of the guard and over the years he offered more and more support. Let's shed a little light on this mysterious character and his motives.

The Secret of the Wanderer in Destiny 2

voices Todd Haber corn , the monastery-one of the oldest bearers of light in the history of Destiny. Initially, he was chosen his ghost in the Dark Ages and ordered to go in the direction of the last city. The monastery, always the opposite, went in the opposite direction and countless times died of hunger only so that his ghost revived him.

In the end, the monastery came to a small village in the east. Keeping his light and ghost in secret, he will do everything possible to provide the inhabitants of the village. It was during the exposure of the wanderer in the village that iron lords appeared, and Lord Dryden came to the village and offered them a deal. They would give the village a fair supply of food and essential items if they could use the village as a bait for a military leader, known only as a red person. In the end, the Red man found out about the village and was ambushed, as a result of which the battle destroyed the whole village and its inhabitants.

Some time later, the monastery found that he had a bar under the peak of Fever. This bar was eventually destroyed as a result of a fight between Lady Erudite and another group of military leaders. After this quarrel, the monastery headed to the mountain to talk with Lord Splinter. The monastery reported EXPO about the misconduct of Lord Dryden.

During the unknown period of time, the wanderer worked with the detachment of the rebels, raiding on the territory of the commanders. It was at this time that the monastery opposed the military leader Rimes. Despite the request of his comrade the resurrected not to deal with the commander, the wanderer was ultimately devoted. Not one of those who are frivolous about these issues, the monastery thoroughly watered his team before tie them and their ghosts.

Tired of constant battles on Earth, the monastery gathered a new crew and led them out of the system. It was in the depths of the cosmos that the monastery and his team landed on a cold isolated planet, which, it would seem, repelled the light. It was here that they found giant shadow creatures enclosed in Stasis along with others wandering around the planet. These animals seemed to be the reason that the light was evading this place.

Due to the hostile nature of the planet, the crew died a thousand times. However, they found that if they die in the presence of one of these creatures, there will be no way back. For centuries, several crew members fell victims of this, and the survivors accused each other. The monastery promised the survivors that he would kill them all, if necessary.

Returning to the ground when Do minus Gone took over and limited the light of the wanderer, the effect reached the wanderer and his team. Having suspected them of betrayal, the monastery eliminated the last several crew members. Following the instructions of his ghost, he united parts of another ghost into his own, which allowed him to see and radiate light and energy in many spectra. This allowed the wanderer to escape from the dead planet.

Returning to the inner solar system, the monastery stumbled upon the Maura tire in his hunt for the shadows of Yoga. Their union was not easy, but ultimately it served both goals. With the blessing of Shin, the wanderer went to the last city and introduced the gamma to the guards. From there, his presence grew, and he gradually gains the trust of the last remnants of the light in their struggle against darkness.


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