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Data release of adult live -action games that have not been released. IKEA formula is a statement in the game on the stage with IKEA -like stores. MGS3 remake version under development? [Weekly Spa Ran 10/28 ~]

From October 28, 2022 (Monday) to November 3, 2022 (Sun), GAMESpark's top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spain . It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place-British IKEA official statement in a game reminiscent of its own brand

On October 31, Swedish furniture store IKEA (IKEA) set up a statement through overseas media Kodak on the problem reminiscent of the brand in the ZIGGY-developed survival horror The Store Is Closed. Did.

THE STORE IS CLOSED is an online co-op survival horror set in a large furniture store related to the fictitious organization SCP Foundation. It has been reported that IKEA has been asked to change each feature as infringement of trademark rights because the store that appears in the game is similar from the perspective of appearance and furniture.

According to the report, the word IKEA does not exist on the Steam store and the Kickstarter campaign page (used for tags in official TikTok videos), but other media articles about headlines associated with the brand and this work. It also introduces the public's evidence as evidence of infringement, and ZIGGY's developer Jacob Shaw argues that the furniture in the game is an asset that is commonly sold. He said, To revise the entire game of the game to avoid the lawsuit.

According to the statement, IKEA states that I'm happy that there are people who are inspired by the brand, but I'm focusing on the company's trademarks and trading dresses so that they are not used incorrectly. 。 In 2024, when the game will be released, it states that all should be solved.

The British IKEA official statement about the large furniture store horror THE STORE IS Close

4th place-MGS3 remake version is under development?

Virtues is known for joint development of many games, but in the introduction video of the studio released on October 23, the development of the remake of the same series was developed because the related books of the MGS series were reflected. We are attracting attention that it is currently ongoing.

Virtues is a global development company known for joint development such as Horizon Zero Dawn and the switch version Dark Soul Remaster. This time, the videos released on the company's YouTube account are entitled A Day In the Life at Virtues MONTREAL, and as the name suggests, the main interview with the company's Montreal Studio staff. And on the desk of the company's concept artist who has been interviewing around 1 minute and 11 seconds of the video, The Art of Metal Gear Solid.

In October of last year, VGC reported that VIRTUES has been developing a remake version of MGS3, and its employees are developing a remake of unreleased AAA-class action adventure. The report of acknowledging can be said to further enhance the credibility.

MGS3, the third work of the MGS series, is a full version of Metal Gear Solid 3 Substance, Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Popular works with many transplanted and remake versions such as 3D]. This time, although it was a glimpse of the video, it would be enough to expand fans' expectations.

MGS3 remake version under development? Related books are flickering in the video released

3rd place-Pokémon GO, convicted to parents and children in the popular gym-gamed assault case

The incident occurred in June 2018. The gym at Kirkwood Park in St. Louis County, Minnesota, Minnesota was one of the most popular spots for Poke GO players, and two teams were fighting for a long time. This time, Robert Materazzi (75 years old) and his son, Angelo Materazzi (35 years old), have escalated the victim's handle name Sammy The Bull and a quarrel in the park. First, his son beat Sammy and dropped into a lake in the park, relentlessly hits, and his father died into the lake and pushed the victim's head against the water, and Sammy was scratched by face, traumatic eye injury, finger. It was damaged by fractures and peeling of nails.

This situation was recorded by a person in the park at the time, and the victim's former Poke GO teammates and police officers have recognized the trilogy of the Materazzi parent and child of the third class assault. He was sentenced to three-day imprisonment in his father Robert, and his son Angelo was only fined.

Assault against popular gym tours of Pokémon GO-Formed to parents and children aged 75 and 35 years old

2nd place-Supported in about 2 months after the release of F1 Manager 2022 with bugs left

Frontier Developments has announced the end of support on the F1 Management SLG F1 Manager 2022 released on August 30, 2022, on October 27.

F1 Manager 2022 is the first title released among the four works plans to release based on the F1 license agreement, and players will challenge the championship as the representative of the F1 team. It has obtained an official license and can use the real name from the team, body, sponsor, driver and staff name, so it was evaluated at the beginning of the release. However, as a management SLG, monotonous games and many serious bugs were revealed, and updates were expected to be modified.

This time, the next patch will be the last major update in the official REDDIT thread, declaring further development. The end of this support is described as for the F1 Manager project in the future, but users have ended the support of 2022 to create support termination is a betrayal and F1 Manager 2023. What ??? I sent feedback on unresolved bugs, but the development never responded. I'm tired of it, I'm not a joke, I feel like I'm eating as a user. A negative reaction has been posted.

However, in subsequent announcements, there were some confusion in the company, and stated that it would continue to support the F1 Manager 2022 again. According to the previous announcement, it was insufficient to tell that it was impossible to add a new important game play function, a request from the player. In the future update, many changes and improvements have been implemented, including prediction calculations for race time in qualifying and solving fuel use problems. In addition, the company will update that focuses on improving the experience as needed.

Support is completed in about 2 months from the release of F1 Manager 2022 with unresolved bugs-users' voices of anger and disappointment

1st place-Sega Soft Not released unreleased adult live-action video game prototype data is released

The company's FMV (live-action video) game The Sacred Pools , which was scheduled to be released in 1997 as an erotic surer Discovered that the staff owned. Gaming Alexandria has published the PC/PSX version of the data on the Internet (when introducing data, please take responsibility at your own risk).

The Sacred Pools made a legendary debut in E3 in 1996, but it was not actually released, and there were only a few years left in game magazines without any photo data or information. Only the text was known. According to the press release at the time, the game stage was once safe and beautiful, but now is a land that is full of temptation and dangerous land. The story will be developed mainly on the mysterious holy crystals on the island, and after searching for mazes scattered around the country and encountering enemies, you will get crystals. Many female casts appeared in the game, and there were no nude or sexual depictions, but they seemed to be a slightly crisp costume.

It is said that the miserable year for Sega has a significant effect on the background of this work unreleased. As a result of the postponement of the game many times, in the middle of 1997, it disappeared quietly from the schedule, and it was known as a title with little information until the existence of data that had been stored for more than 20 years was discovered. I did it. The details are introduced in the original article, so if you are interested, please see that.

Prototype data of the live-action video game THE SACRED POOLS not released Sega Soft Published-1996 A title that made a legendary debut but became an illusion

The most read this week was an article about Sega Soft Phantom Games! Sega soft, founded in February 1996, is an independent branch office, does not need to be conscious of children, and as a result of trying to develop what he likes, such a title was born.


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