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Overwatch 2 launch: What's the best way to counter Ramattra, the new tank hero?

Overwatch 2 introduced a new player in his composition, Mantra, and we can confidently say that the fans were satisfied. This tank hero can destroy the battlefield in a matter of seconds, if paired with the right heroes. In addition, the state of Nemesis Sumatra in OW2 can cause significant damage to his enemies from close range, providing him with full control over the crowd on the battlefield. The next leadership will tell you everything you need to know about Mantra’s game in Overwatch 2. We will talk about the heroes against whom Mantra is strong, about those who can easily resist Mantra, and about the best characters with whom Mantra has good synergy.

Sumatra is strong against


Since Reinhardt is primarily relied on his shield to protect against attacks, he becomes useless in front of Amatory. This is because its shield is not intended to compete with the blow of Sumatra, which passes right through it. This means that Reinhardt will be not only a slight target, but also any heroes that hide behind his shield can also be easily killed.


The barista barrier shield becomes useless when it is opposed by the ram ate, because it can simply go through it. Since this is a personal defense of Brigitte, her uselessness helps Mantra in Overwatch 2. It also gives him a great chance to inflict significant damage to her, preventing her from healing herself.


Heroes like Kirk are especially difficult to resist Mantra, since he can completely reduce their dexterity, forcing them to land on the battlefield. Sumatra's insatiable vortex, although intended for firing at flying enemies, works better when climbing the walls of Kirk. If it is dropped while Mantra is in the form of her sworn enemy, she will be in a very disadvantage, which will allow him to quickly kill her.

Mantra is weak against (Sumatra matches)


In the same way as Yin and Yang, what Mantra lacks is Turbofan’s, which makes him a deadly opponent of a powerful tank.


Although the turbofan does not have enough mobility, he can still withstand a large amount of damage to the tank, which can significantly help your teammates. In addition, the close fight of Turbofan is impressive, allowing him to use Sumatra's need to treat the battlefield to constantly shine. His strong counterattacks can deprive Mantra of support, not allowing him to connect with them for healing.


Another character who will help you overshadow you in the battle with Amatory is the bastion.

Thanks to his set, the bastion can cause Camera a great damage, helping the players get rid of his shield, even when he is in the form of his enemy. This makes Mantra vulnerable to bastion attacks and all players on the map.


Fast heroes are also effective against a particularly slow tank, such as Sumatra. So, the tracer should remain one of your best options against Sumatra. Her main fire, an insatiable whirlwind, is designed to slow down. Nevertheless, she can still avoid danger in the blink of an eye. This is especially useful when the form of Nemesis Sumatra is triggered.

ANA is the most effective hero in the neutralization of Sumatra at a distance.

Players should make sure that when they counterattack ANA, they are out of reach of Sumatra so that its waves of blows can not reach them. In addition, its biotic grenade can impose anti-aging on it, which makes it vulnerable to a significant amount of damage by the whole team, not giving any of his supporters the chance to heal it. Finally, a timely lifting dart can also neutralize Mantra during his ultras hip, allowing the players to practically save their entire team.

Synergy Sumatra


Despite the numerous nerves in the series, Suborn is still well combined with Amatory. Sojourn can use the space that Sumatra creates on the battlefield while it is in its form of Nemesis, either reducing the gap, or looking for the best viewing point. In addition, she can also slow down enemies with the help of her disruptor, providing Mantra with many light murders.


While it acts as a deadly counterattack, Ana also acts as powerful synergy paired with Amatory. Her ability to destroy enemies, being in a favorable position, allows her to safely cover Mantra, quickly destroying enemies causing great damage. It also performs an important function, supporting Mantra when he uses the form of retaliation, because it makes it very vulnerable to attacks from all sides. However, timely grenade can clean the battlefield, allowing Rate to last much longer. She can also choose what goal will remain, and which will leave, and can easily destroy enemies that cause great damage using their pushing dart.

fateful widow

The fatal widow with her headshot is one of the few characters that can make Mantra shine on the battlefield. It is equipped with everyone that needs to destroy their enemies. It can not only cause significant damage to its opponents, but also strategically use weapons, such as poisonous mines, to control the crowd. This can significantly help Mantra in his form of a sworn enemy, as this will collect enemies in front of him.


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