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Stranded Deep: Quality of Life Improvements

Stranded Deep, the open-world survival game, has just received a major update on Xbox and PlayStation! Update 2104 brings a host of Quality of Life improvements for players - from improved navigation to increased storage space - that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Check out this article to find out all the details!

The most recent console update for beached deep is rolled out. Designer Beam Group concentrated in Update 2104 for consoles to enhance the quality and the integration of PC functions. This is how the inventory system was altered, in the first inventory place the things presently held is now displayed, on the left there is a slot for inventory fractions such as empty hands or navigating between camp. The stock was increased from 10 to 12 slots. The container capability is also growing, rather of 3, 5 slots will be available in the future. In lots of cases, console players had wished the ITEM stacks from the PC version. This dream is satisfied shortly prior to Christmas: You can now develop stacks in the fast production menu while you hold or see the object. Sticks, stones, palm fronds, whips, fibrous leaves, sound, tree trunks and coconuts are supported. The capability is usually 50 pieces, however according to the Beam group, can differ depending on the item.


Rafts get a size restriction of 5W × 4l, given that large rafts packed with storage facility containers caused instabilities and dropouts throughout multiplayer video games. As normal, the rollout does not take location everywhere. You can see whether you have the upgraded version that the number 2104 can be seen in the main menu of the video game in the lower left corner. Patch notes New functions Added New Draftable Product Piles! You can Produce A Pile by Looking at Or Holding An item that You have 2 or more of in the surrounding location. Use the fast craft menu to craft a stack of that product, which is revealed by a brand-new stack icon in blue. Stacks are free to camera and shop 1 Kind of Crafting Item. The supported items are: sticks, rocks, palm funds, lashings, fibrous leaves, clay, logs and coconuts. The Capability for Most Products is 50x however can vary depending on the item. You Withdraw and Deposit Items Similar To a Storage Container. The very first product kept appoints the kind of stack it is. You can eliminate all products and re-assignment a stack at any time. When you with all items from a pile, it will disappear. Products Stored in a pile are offered and can be utilized when crafting with having to manually eliminate them from a pile. Note: Pile Products wishes to be utilized. For Those Intrigued in the Tech Side of Things, The Benefits of the New Piles Are: Faster Zone Loading: 1 Product to Load, Rather of 50x Private Things. Batched rendering for 50x products. Rendering Several Products was batched in the past, but the New Technique is a lot more efficient. Fewer Physics Overhead! Piles are a Static Object with 1 Collider, Rather of 50x Physics Bodies and Colliders. Less Overhead from Specific Unity Game objects. Game objects and Elements in Unity Incur A Small Quantity of Overhead to Validate State and Run Callbacks on Every Instance. This all builds up, so it is great to alleviate. Modification Altered Stock to Show the Item the Gamer is Keeping In Slot 1.

  • Increased Stock Storage from 10 to 12 slots.
  • Increased dog crate storage from 3 to 5 slots.
  • Included Max raft size constraint: 5W x 4l.
  • Included Billboards to Raft Pieces.
  • Altered Placing to Snap to Surface Objects.
  • Changed Placing to Snap on Foundations. Bug repairs

  • Fixed gamers unable to host video games in the USA, East region.

  • Fixed player unable to jump while holding Willie.
  • Fixed Seafarer accomplishment not unlocking.
  • Repaired video game filling errors for players using a non-Gregorian calendar, e.g.: Arabic, Thai. When climbing to the top, Repaired gamer falling from Palm Tree.
  • Fixed game session showing as Busy if host is near an employer. When switching to another item immediately after firing a projectile, Fixed loss of input.
  • Repaired multiple concerns when utilizing Spyglass.
  • Repaired Call Me Ahab accomplishment not unlocking. If P2 destroys Camp Fire throughout lighting, Fixed P1 stuck in fire lighting animation. When running a raft motor, Repaired rafts moving in random instructions. When reconnecting controller, Repaired game getting stuck in Cartographer.
  • Repaired player hitting raft sails.
  • Repaired host and client being able to drag the same Palm Tree
  • Fixed 2 of Each accomplishment not opening.
  • Repaired successive achievements not unlocking.
  • Repaired high detail LOD always allowed for some items.
  • Repaired ruined fruit/veg stuck in containers.
  • Repaired Snake attack animation not playing for client.
  • Repaired P1 able to sleep while P2 operating car.
  • Repaired Shipwreck ladders missing out on localization. When skinned, Fixed animals not dither fading out. When filling video game, Fixed unnecessary notices showing.
  • Fixed food Smoked, Cooked, Ruined display screen name prefixes stacking.
  • Repaired crafting utilizing several of one material
  • Fixed situations for host and client crafting with very same products
  • Repaired able to put draftable products inside surface objects.
  • Fixed glitchy Foundation positioning check. When loading a zone, Fixed storage playing push audio.
  • Various combination and changes to enhance stability.


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