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How To Easily Complete The Monthly Trading Post Quests In WoW With Happy Pet Snacks!


Monthly Trading Post quests give the World of Warcraft players and many tasks that need to be completed, and one of the simplest, if you use the Happy Pet Snacks. Of course, this is easy to do only if the players know where to find them, since they are not on sale at the auction.

where to buy Happy Pet Snacks in World of Warcraft

Happy snacks for pets can be found in the version of Malayan from Wrath of the Rich King, which means that players will need to go through the portal to Malayan, the forest of a crystal song either from a storm grand or from Grammar. Although there is a version of Malayan for the Legion, it will not have a seller who sells snacks. As soon as this is done, the players will want to go to Breanne, the seller of goods for pets. It can be found in a building west of the beauty camp.

She sells Happy Pet Snacks in a stack of five pieces for 47 silver and 50 copper, so this is a small price to complete this quest. From there, call the Petetz-Companion from your collection and feed it with appetizers. As soon as you feed the pet with all five snacks, there will be a notification that the quest Traveler magazine is completed.

What is a journal of a traveler in World of Warcraft?

A traveler magazine was published with the advent of a trading shop in Dragon flight. The magazine is filled with a bunch of tasks that players should perform every month, and there are exclusive awards for players who have completed everything. Players can check their progress by opening the guide by adventure, and filling out the entire scale of progress, the players will receive a free vehicle of the Radar, a harbinger of dawn as a reward. Since Blizzard keeps silence about whether in the future there will be other ways to obtain this Mount, players who are interested will want to focus on the completion of their traveler's journal before March. To find out more than the World of Warcraft, read the section How to take part in the community festival in Wow Dragon flight right here, in the guidelines for the game for professionals.


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