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Unlock the Secrets of Hogwarts Heritage Potions and Discover the Power of Wizardry!

What is good in a wizard without his spells and potions? Considering that the study of powerful spells, such as the Avid Cedar Avid or Levies spell, is necessary for wizards, potions can also be useful in a variety of situations. They can give positive effects during the battle, such as Edwards or Wiggenweld potions, or to help you in research, for example, Felix Felice's. When you learn to become the best wizard in the Hogwarts Heritage, you will definitely encounter potions in the early stages of the game-especially in quest 13: the class of potions. This is the main quest, which means it cannot be missed. In total, there are 7 potions in the game, but you will need to get 6 of them to get the Passing Potions trophy. This is due to the fact that the Felix Felice's potion is exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and 5. After you went through the potion and received the recipe for your first potion, you can start cooking/making potions in the Hogwarts Heritage.

How to cook/craft potions

To create/cook potions in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need two main things-recipes of potions and ingredients. You can unlock your first recipe for potions and start cooking potions after completing the first. Class of potions Professor Sharp. After the quest of Delius station in the potion class, they will become affordable, and you can use them to cook potions.

You can also later unlock the requirements' room in order to get even more potions and accelerate the process of brewing. You can get a potion recipe by completing several quests or buying them from the Delius J. Pippin store or a store of volumes and scrolls in Hogs mid. Another thing that you need is the creation of ingredients that can be different types.


Plants or materials obtained from animals. They can also be bought from sellers in Hogs mid, such as The Magic Keep. In total, the game has 7 different potions, each of which has different requirements for manufacturing and gives a different effect.

Poor Era

Required: 1 egg of the ash wind and 1 fur mongrel. You can unlock the recipe for this potion automatically when you complete the class of potions of the quest. Drunk this potion protects the user with stone armor, which provides more strong protection. The brewing time is 30 seconds.

Felix Felicia

Required: 1 stalk of flux and 1 flies of gold-eyed. This specific potion is intended only for the players who placed the preliminary order Hogwarts's Heritage-otherwise you will not be able to cook it. It makes the drunk extremely successful and shows the location of large chests on a mini-card for 24 hours of play. He has 1 minute brewing time. Please note that you do not need this potion to pass the potions of the trophy.

Potion of concentration

Required: 1x stem of flux, gold-eyed, 1x language of swamp. You can get a potion recipe in the potion store J. Pippin for 1200 galleons. Drunk this potion reduces the time of reloading the user's spells, allowing him to recover faster. He has 1 minute brewing time.

Invisibility potion

Required: 1x hats of a jumping pursuit, 1x highlander twig, 1x ghosts of trolls. You can get a potion recipe in the potion store J. Pippin for 800 galleons. Drunk this potion gives the user invisibility for a limited period of time. He has 1 minute brewing time.

Maxim's potion

Required: 1x leech juice and 1x fang spider You can get a potion recipe in the potion store J. Pippin for 500 galleons. Drunk this potion increases the damage to the user from spells for a limited period of time. The brewing time is 30 seconds.

Potion Removal

Required: 1 fruit of currants, 1 leeches juice and 1 persistent dead. You can get a potion recipe in the potion store J. Pippin for 1200 galleons. Drunk this potion creates a layer around the user, which stuns and causes damage to any approaching enemy. Brewing time 1 minute 30 seconds.

Viggenveld's potion

Required: 1x leaves of distant and 1x juice of Gorklamp. You can unlock the recipe for this potion automatically when you complete the class of potions of the quest. Drunk this potion heals the user, restoring part of the lost HP. The brewing time is 15 seconds.


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